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  • Chook

    When the epiphany happened and I no longer believed ,next week to the horror of my wife I celebrated birthdays. I tried to reason with her about the angels celebrating jesus's birth or that in biblical history they kept count of their ages. Life is to short, start celebrating what you feel comfortable with. We can start with little things ( if you have little ones it could be the tooth fairy).

  • Phizzy

    I went straight in to "normal mode" after I left, Holidays/Birthdays/Christmas/Halloween all celebrated with glee, I voted for the first time, I began to donate Blood.

    My Sister in law, never a JW, but her family all were, remarked, " Bloody Hell, once you make up your mind, you really go for it don't you?".

    She was right, but I think that full-on rejection of all the JW Taboos helped me recover quicker from the effects of 58 years in the cult than if I had slowly slid away, and slowly taken up the real life.

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