If you need a laugh:what's up watchtower AGM with Susan Gaskin

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  • Diogenesister

    So funny, the guys from "what's up watchtower" join Susan Gaskin for a round-up of the crazy goings on in the JW/EXJW world over the last year. At 34.00 mins the discussion about the naked, tripped out "car group"who were busted attempting to save their neighbours from an imminent Armageddon had me in stitches. Enjoy!


  • satinka

    Too funny!

  • smiddy3

    While its treated as a light hearted funny episode what can be overlooked is the seriousness of the facts it also speaks about .

    Point of facts : # 1 . I thought was particulary interesting was the role Steven Unthank has played in suing the "Faithful & Discreet Slave class" and ,the JW lawyers admitting no such class of people existed that it was only a Theocratic arrangement .

    #2 . How Steven Unthank shed nu-lite on the WT Organizations lawyers {not Jehovah or Jesus } that apostates were mentally diseased persons.Highlighting a soon to be released NWT that changed the wording in that scripture .

    #3 . Terence O-Brian lawyer for JW`s acknowledging under oath in a court of law that Steven Unthank was not an apostate .

    Even though he has taken them to court suing the "faithful & Discreet Slave Class" , and taken the JW`s to court for refusing to get the required by law to get working with children checks and was successful their .

    Their are other gems in their worth reflecting on also that could benefit people .

    I think the heading of the opening post could have been worded better so more people would likely view it .

    just my 2 cents worth

    { I almost didn`t bother to watch it , however I`m glad I did } simply because of the heading.

  • Diogenesister

    If your like a more serious and in depth programme on the work achieved by the amazing Steven Unthank I'd recommend this JWcommunity podcast titled " how the faithful and discrete slave were killed off" . Highly recommended SMIDDY


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