Its been 2000 years now since Jesus Christianity was Established and now today we have 40000 + Christian sects ?

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  • smiddy3

    Emperor Constantine might have got the message 17 centuries ago but surely God must by now realize that the mission has failed .?

    Surely he should as he has on past experience in the Old Testament now approach a world leader of either the USA ,England ,Russia ,China ,or the United Nations or even Israel and make his judgement`s known .?

    Why has he been so quiet all of these years ?

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    He's a slow learner?


    God must by now realize that the mission has failed .?

    I dunno. 40k Christian sects

    1 started by Jesus and his apostles that gave the world the idea of loving your neighbor [even if they're your enemy] or

    39,999 started by a man or a woman. That try their best to copy the church started by Jesus

  • Terry

    Many folks fail to see a rather elemental test case caused by the Protestant Reformation. A test case utterly failed.
    What the hell you talkin' bout, Willis?

    For one and a half thousand years, "Christianity" was solely/officially the Catholic Church with a Christ-stand-in: Pope who 'channeled' Truth.
    The Pope said it, you did it. When you failed, you confessed and were forgiven.
    You celebrated the 'Memorial' as often as you were moved to do so (communion).

    So what?

    The Protestant Reformation addressed the dirty little problem of corruption in the sacred institution, the "Organization" of Truth.
    Martin Luther faced two rather dodgy issue requiring immediate action.
    Can you guess?

    Without a Pope and without a Priest granting forgiveness how would Christians now:

    1. Know the Truth (which sets men free)?
    2. Be forgiven for sins

    Martin Luther and John Calvin created a sleeker, faster, more personal solution (which is our Test Case).
    1. Sola Scriptura : each Christian approached God individually in prayer and asked Holy Spirit to "reveal" Truth. No clergy needed. Fellowship? Sure, just no Priests.
    2. Grace alone : Grace refers to God’s ability to place favor upon any individual. As the creator of humankind, God, according to Christian doctrine, remains unbound by rules. It is thus within God’s purview to grant salvation upon any person he so deems.


    Here it is / was:
    a chance for Holy Spirit to reveal one unified Truth to all Christians and what resulted? History now reveals the result has been thousands of very *different* ideas, rituals, truths, practices, doctrines abounding in sects, congregations, churches, et al claiming equally to be the ONLY Truth. (Jehovah's Witnesses anyone?)

    The verdict is: FAIL!
    Holy Spirit is as corrupt as the Catholic Church.

    Or, if that's a bit too harsh; we are ALL just making shit up and passing it off as Organization, Truth, holy spirit, anointed elders, etc.

    The sniff test revealeth a stench to high heaven.

    Go to the buffet of choice and slide your tray past the made-up shit and
    enjoy your meal.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It is truly mind boggling to grasp the enormity and the endurance of the Jesus-will-save-you scam.

    Billions taken in by it over a period of nearly two thousand years and not one of them "saved". Not one Christian has ever overcome death as they had been promised. Islam's paradise is equally elusive.

    It's time for humankind to relegate these infantile beliefs to our nursery period and grow up.

  • Finkelstein

    The early Christians and Constantine tried to promote a god that was more involved and concerned with the enduring plight of humanity, such as wars, sickness and death.

    They created a savior god out the ancient Hebrew mythology of a coming Savior god.

    The over all teaching of love, acceptance of sins and forgiveness of sins and if one were to follow in his instructions you would to be accepted by him for something greater when one died added to these social directives.

    This god was better than any other god envisioned or imagined by humanity at the time and probably that's why many members of humanity still worship this god for 2000 years after its inherent original creation.

  • mikeflood

    Yes, but at the the end if somebody says "I am Christian", he believes in Christ , you couldn't deny the power of Mathew, Luke, Mark and John to give a message after all those years. I mean Christians have more in common that they could think.

  • Finkelstein

    All those different sects were created by individuals who self interpreted the NT books and then said this is the true interpretation guided by god's holy spirit, including the JW sect.

    A competition of wanting power and control as it were, a battle over who is the most righteous and approved by god, the JWS said they were approved and chosen by him in 1919.

    As its known now the JWS sect created many false expressive doctrines, which were related to its literature proliferation.

    These bullshit commercially viable doctrines have really come to light now after 100 years of printing literature and getting the organization's public sale representatives the JWS to spread these publications around. ..

  • Phizzy

    To say that Jesus and the Apostles started the Jesus Myth Industry is like saying Robin Hood and his Merry Men started the myths about him.

    I would like to think that a charismatic preacher, Jesus of Nazareth did live and teach about the time he is supposed to have done. I think after his death, his followers had to come up with some reasons as to why his promises/prophecies about the Kingdom of Heaven etc had failed. Various Sects of Jesus followers arose at this time. Most have gone in to obscurity. The Gospels were an attempt to present the excuses for Jesus' failure.

    The "follower", in a literal sense, in that he came after Jesus death, namely Paul, was the only one to have a lasting religious movement. It is Pauline Christology that survived, was adopted by Rome, and then split off in to thousands of Sects.

    The Preacher from Nazareth died 2000 years ago (circa), and would know nothing of the trouble his preaching has caused.


    To say that Jesus and the Apostles started the Jesus Myth Industry is like saying Robin Hood and his Merry Men started the myths about him.

    No offense Phizzy, but history does not agree with that.


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