This Article Won't Change Your Mind - Great Read

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  • cofty
    So you agree with the article you posted or not? - SBF

    Yes I do. It describes a common psychological tendency not a universal law.

    You are seriously misrepresenting it because it lends support to your misconceptions. Ironic isn't it?

    We make decisions on the basis of 1) what other people are doing and 2) what authority figures say.

    These are factors in some decisions, some of the time, which we do well to be aware of.

  • slimboyfat

    I didn’t say anything about a universal law. What misconception?

    Social proof and authority are much more important in changing opinion and behaviour than facts and logic, yet we invariably explain our actions with reference to facts and logic. That’s what I understand from what I have read on the subject.

    I thought you were coming round to that view when I read the OP.

    But I gather you are saying that facts and logic don’t change most people’s mind, but that you personally base your own opinions on facts and logic. Is that right?

  • cofty
    Is that right?

    If you read my posts on this thread you will already know that you are misrepresenting my words - as usual.

    Later. I'm decorating.

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