My Bethel Experience Part 3

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  • sparky1

    Ed table 'foot' at Watchtower farms and John Janney was the table 'Head'

    Fred Hilmo...boy did he get the shaft. Relegated to cleaning typewriters and graphotype machines at the Farm. As lurker pointed out, he was 'demoted' to doing only menial tasks at the Farm. Nice meek and mild gentleman. Kind of eccentric and still brainwashed in the cults theology. He talked to me once about the 'scientific' CREATION book (Rutherford's wacky tome) and how it was way ahead of its time.

    One guy no one seems to mention much is Phil Wilcox. He wound up being the Factory Overseer at Watchtower Farms. At the risk of being demonized by other ex-Bethelites here, I want to say that this guy was like an older brother to me. He knew how I felt about the Organization, it's theology and the 'political bullshit' in general, yet he still respected me and treated me with dignity. I will never have a bad word to say about him. Spending time talking with Phil was one of the real highlights of my time at Bethel.

  • mann377

    Sparky1......I also knew Phil Wilcox and had a lot of respect for him. He was in my opinion one of the FEW balanced individuals in position of responsibility. PS...I remember when he lost his finger to an accident in the press room. He would ask me to help him when working on his car. He gave a special talk at the assembly hall a few years back and this is one of few (or should I say rare) times I went. Only to see him again and talk old times.

    Ed Kostacheck......What a piece of work. I understand he and his wife left Bethel (asked to leave) many years ago. I asked why or what happened and the only responce I got was "he died". He was not dead so I interpeted it to mean he was apostate?

  • jookbeard
    I remember many years ago and a sister in my cong threw a party in her house and invited a few bethelites from the London branch, probably about a dozen, I'd never met a group of more smug, judgemental,smart ass group of young men in my entire life.

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