The anonymity of Jehovah's Witness material

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    So would it make a difference if the Society referenced the writers by name? Would it create a culture of honesty and transparency? Would it even matter?

    'Yes' to the first & last. 'Maybe' for the middle one.

    But since such openness would expose the 7 dwarf's sub-contracting of "providing food at the proper time" to non-anointed Writing Committee members, it would diminish/eliminate all the hard work which has been done in recent years to publicise & glorify the G.O.D.S. of Warwick.

    The Gibbering Body are like shopkeepers; they don't make the food, they're only middlemen who just want to sell it and make a profit.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Ruby I disagree with you saying that HQ research is "pretty thorough".

    It is one thing to mine scholarly texts and find ideas which will support cult doctrine and it is another matter altogether to understand the political, religious and mythological context of the original documents.

    The lack of attribution of sources and absence of an individual writer's name is symptomatic of propaganda as is the cloying and patronising language. The essence of Watchtower literature reveals wilful ignorance and cherry picking.

    There is nothing academic or scholarly about the JW cult, it is all about controlling its members' minds.

  • Vidiot
    stuckinarut2 - "How much easier is it for them to present inaccurate or biased material when there is no accountability or transparency?"

    So much easier, in fact, that the stuff practically ends up writing itself. :smirk:

  • stuckinarut2

    Interesting replies and thoughts!


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