Peter Sutcliffe - I thought he was a JW now......?

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  • punkofnice
  • BluesBrother

    Spoof News site.....good for a laugh though.

    NB I have contacts in the Berkshire area and a local elder confirmed to me that his baptism last year was perfectly true.

  • punkofnice
    BB - I used to laugh at the Star. some pretty daft spoof stories. So, he is baptised ay? Strewth.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yes, I read in one of the online papers that Peter Sutcliff is a baptized JW, and apparently even preaches to other inmates. I also read that Rose West is a JW, too, although I'm not sure if she's baptized or still having a study.

    Isn't it wonderful how the Master Shepherd, Jesus Christ, leaves the 99 sheep and finds these precious ones!

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    That guy is an absolute monster.
  • Vidiot
    Isn't it interesting how the most vocally outspoken JWs also seem to be the farthest off their rockers?
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    just been on BBC news about Sutcliffe--seems hes now no longer insane-----so--does that mean he was insane when he got baptised ?
  • OrphanCrow
    Marvin: That guy is an absolute monster.

    Yup. Exactly the kind of guy you want to have wandering around during those 1000 years of "almost paradise" before the "real" paradise kicks in.

    I can see why Sutcliffe likes the JW idea of staying in a body right here on earth. I don't doubt that having the opportunity to get to interact with real live breathing bodies that can be hacked and sliced is far more appealing to Sutcliffe than a heavenly promise where bodies don't bleed.

    And, seriously, what kind of man would it have to be that would put his shirt and tie on and then go inside a room with a man who had sliced up women? What kind of JW men were they who chose to "study" with Sutcliffe? Would you? Could you? Could you sit in the same room with a man who had did such horrific things to women? And then go home to your wife and kiddies?

  • punkofnice
    Seems like birds of a feather with Sutcliffe and the WBT$ leadership.
  • ToesUp
    It's funny how they will bend over backwards for a serial killer but completely shun a teenager who lights up a doobie or a cigarette. You just can't make this shi* up!

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