Governing Body Member Geoffrey Jackson's Empathy For Survivors Of Child Abuse Hypocritical

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    Governing Body Member Geoffrey Jackson's Empathy For Survivors Of Child Abuse Hypocritical..

    I Feel Terrible About Sexual Child Abuse In The WatchTower..

    ..........As Long As It Doesn`t Cost The WBT$ Anything..

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  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    I've just started listening to his ARC testimony. ....

    What disrespect he showed to the victims by admitting he had not been following the proceedings. ...I actually can't believe the borg would not have kept him updated primed with correct responses is he lying or just a complete DISGRACE?

  • Alive!

    That Jackson hadn't bothered to read or become fully informed of the victims' cases... Yet apparently was up to date with the witness statements ......

    It must have been difficult with a very sick/dying Father to worry about - however, both my husband and myself have had sick and dying parents but our secular responsibilities still had to be scheduled... We couldn't just take three months out from caring for things and demands that we had accountability for.

    He was in Australia - he should have insisted on showing up at the Royal Commission as a representative of the GB.

    That they passed him off as just being in the 'translation department' was utterly deceitful.

  • Listener

    This is the wtbts response

    >>Response to suggested findings on Mr Jackson’s stated empathy on survivors

    11.69 Counsel Assisting’s suggested finding F65:

    F65 Mr Jackson’s failure to have read or be familiar with the testimony of the survivor

    witnesses yet to have read or otherwise familiarised himself with the testimony of Jehovah’s

    Witness witnesses belies his stated empathy for the survivors and his stated recognition of

    the importance of their perspectives.

    This suggested finding is completely untrue and should be amended to

    reflect what Mr Geoffrey Jackson himself explained, as elaborated on in

    paragraphs 9.353 and 10.6:

    I wasn’t aware of the fact that I would be called before the Commission ...

    I haven’t lived in Australia for 36 years, and I haven’t certainly had a chance to

    look through the files ... The reason I came here was to care for my ailing

    father, and that has taken a lot of my time.<<

    The commission found that his empathy was not genuine and they proved it from his own actions yet they want to argue about it (to the higher authorities).

    What stands out is the org holds JC's all the time to determine whether someone is truelly repentant or not. There is virtually no evidence and definitely no arguing back.

    His excuse shows that he didn't think it was important enough. His request for the commission to pass on his sympathy was completely ungenuine and simply a public display at pretending to show some concern. There is nothing preventing him from reading about her case after the hearing and even sending her a personal letter, that would be a true christian act.

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