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  • Brummie

    Remember sitting in the Kingdom hall during watchtower study and you peek across at sister rightous Watchtower to see how perfectly underlined it was, but when you look you notice a little green stain on her page and it seems to have a lump in it? Well you know that little green lumpy stain, THATS YOU that is.

    Then you feel an itch on your nose and it turns out to be a little stray growing hair, so you pull it and it hurts because there is a little root on the end of it? Well you know that little root, thats YOU that is.

    Remember playing this during WT study when we were kids? It was a survival technique. You then had to come up with something gross to out do the original, so give it your best shot....?

    Brummie (I'll grow up tomorrow)

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    I'm with ya Brummie. I wasn't a WT kid, but I'm sure it was fun. Yeah. It was fun. Easily amused aren't you?

    cheeses - one who cares for those with simple pleasures.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    The woman with the green stained magazine arched her eyebrows at me.

    "I'm sorry", I whispered, "I just can't help it." And so I began digging at my nose again. The green sticky glob of mucus just wouldn't come out. I switched fingers. I even used my pinky, which has always proven reliable. But to my consternation, the big green glob still refused to budge. So I blew into my hands.

    >HONK< >HONK<

    My frustration reached epic porportions as everything else in my nose flew into my hands. But that green glob subbornly clung to the sides of my nasal passages. Finally the elderly gentlemen turned and looked at me and said the fateful words, "Now we'll read paragraph 6."

    Like a siren call, the words galvanized me into action. I saw at last the road to salvation. I stood up and said:

    "I'm doin' it my way, baby!"

    With that I held my head high and arched my back and gave a mighy blow. This time the menacing glob was sheared off and propelled from my body at breathtaking speed only to land on the little boy sleeping in the first row.

    Then I turned 15.

  • Brummie
    Easily amused aren't you?

    I guess Witness kids have to be, no christmas, Birthdays, easter egg, yada yada..simple things help pass time. Its all your fault cheeses.

    BTW Cheeses, you know when you walk bare foot through the garden and you accidently tread in something and you look at the bottom of your foot and theres a mushy little worm stuck there, well you know that mush, thats you that is.

    Lol BigTex, you have a knack at making even the gross things sound interesting...roflmao

    BTW this thread is to meet the challange of Minimus silliest thread.

  • SpunkyChick

    There was this dorky elder who'd pick scabs from his balding scalp, roll them on his fingers and drop them. He'd always sit in the front of the KH doing this.

  • minimus

    Brummie, silly is one thing. Disgusting is another. Believe me, you win. Hands down!

  • Vivamus

    OMG! I don't know whether to LMAO, or cry for your inner child.

    Those stories are disgusting, yuch! But LOL

  • Brummie

    Viv, you may as well cry for there is no redemption for my gross inner child

    Spunky...baaaawl, too cool, puke & lol.

    Minimus I was reffering to the thread you started called "what is the silliest thred you have seen" or something like that. But you are right, I win hands down


  • Vivamus

    Well, I never did anything gross, lol, but I drew funny pictures of the speakers. Then the sisters sitting next to me would inevitably start giggling, and so before ya know it, there would be an entire section in the Hall giggling their asses off.

  • Brummie
    there would be an entire section in the Hall giggling their asses off.

    bwahahaahah, got a mental picture of y'all trying to stifle the laughs. This is exactly what would happen when we played the gross game I mentioned above, then we would get split up and have to sit elsewhere. it was like being at school.

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