Hello and and introduction to Virtue Signaling

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  • WobblyVern

    Hi all - perhaps a brief intro from me would be appropriate....

    I hail from Essex, England. A 2nd generation witness never knowing any other life and from a large and mostly devout family. I was disfellowshipped in 1993 aged 21 and the worldly girl I met, got pregnant and married (in that order) is mother to my 3 grown children and grandmother to our beautiful baby granddaughter. She is still my darling and wife. Our kids are happy, loving and have a strong sense of family and belonging. The Watchtower didn't beat me - I got away and had the privilege of raising my own family based on pure, unconditional love. I'm here because the love of my family beat the WT mind control that had held onto a part of me for too many years. If I can help others out of this cult, in any small way - I would consider that another great privilege.

    Enough of that...I'd like to briefly share (sounds like the start of a field service call) a link to an excellent article that explains Virtue Spirals and Virtue Signaling. Although it is written by a Mormon and discusses the problem within the LDS community, I was struck by the close similarities to my own experiences and those in the article. I'm sure it will strike a chord with many of you - I certainly felt 'weak' and despondent s a witness in the years running up to my disfellowshipment as a result of the practice of virtue spiraling. Would love to know what others think.

    All the best, Wobbly X

  • Magnum

    Hey! Glad things worked out for you; you seem happy.

    I don't see a link. Am I missing something?

  • Giordano

    Hi Wobbly and welcome.......... link please so we can really consider your point of view. Congrats to you and your wife and your children and grand child.

    Getting out and away from the 'truth' takes considerable focus. You can have a place at the table. Most of us want to help those who want us to. In many respects it's a calling.....I guess.

    PS you have 15 or so minutes to audit your post.

  • scratchme1010

    Thank you for sharing. I'll take a look at the article. Love your story. The WT didn't beat me either. Is a great feeling isn't it.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I don't see a link....is this the article you're talking about? HERE

    or HERE

  • smiddy

    Welcome WV , think you have got it right Pete.

  • WobblyVern

    Thank you so much for the kind welcome messages...It was WAY past my bedtime when I posted, and so I apologise for not actually including the link.

    Here it is:


    I should also at this point say the title of my thread should have been :

    An introduction to Purity Spiraling

    (Virtue signaling is dealt with as a matter of course in the article, just to be clear).

    Would really love to know others opinions on this - thanks for your patience...

  • WobblyVern

    Pete was on the money...

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I suppose one could say the JW version of this is when they haul some local family on the platform at the assembly and the family talks about how lively and fun their family study is. All the kids chime in and talk about how they can't wait for family study night and they all try to have some interesting point prepared to discuss.

    Every kid in the audience is rolling their eyes or gagging on their own bile and most of the parents are wondering why getting their kids to sit down for the family study,is such a knock down drag out fight. The rest of the audience has tuned the whole thing out or has come to the conclusion that everyone else is more spiritual than they are and there's no point even trying anymore.

    I remember there was this 20 something girl named "Laura" in our hall that constantly tried to impress everyone about how "spiritual" she was. A bunch of us were walking out the door after the Watchtower study and she piously announced to all who could hear "That was such a good article....I'm going to study it again when I get home !". One of the more outspoken sisters said under her breath but loud enough for everyone to hear " Shut up Laura...you friggin' weirdo!" Everyone within earshot started openly snickering...it was an awesome moment LOL!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hello Wobbly--i'm in the UK too--& heres a link to a shed load more


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