Mind control

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  • joao

    WT has really been doing a great job at mind-controlling their members. How can people who say they are your friends not even want to know why you're leaving when you want them to know?! Eh! Eh! Great friendships! That's not the type of friendship I want for me. That's not the kind of friendship I have for my friends! I'd never give my opinion on something or someone without knowing what I'm talking about! Kudos to WT! They have built an army of blind followers!

  • truth_b_known

    This scenario made my exit easier.

    I had friends of near 20 years turn their backs on my simply because I was unable to attend meetings due to work. I remember the last meeting I did attend - none of my friends would approach me. I believe I may have been marked, but I am unsure.

    I found that those who truly are my friends have 1 of 2 things in common -

    1. The person stopped being one of Jehovah's Witnesses before I did.
    2. The person was never one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    The mark of a true Jehovah's Witness is their lack of love.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The mark of a true Jehovah's Witness is their lack of love.

    Isn't that what Jesus said?

    Oh wait! Maybe I have that backwards.

  • Longlivetherenegades

    They have horned the skills of mind controlling members.

    They will rather spread gossips, slander about you than know the reason why you decide to leave the religious organization.

    They will rather call you on phone to seek financial help hoping that you will think they are not aware of you leaving the religious organization.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, their followers are trained to be afraid to know why somebody left the JW religion. The religion doesn’t want members talking to somebody who is Out for fear they will learn too much!


    So, you’re getting calls from people looking for financial help even though you are Out? It just kills me that JWs suffering because they unwisely followed the religion’s advice, now think they are going to target other people whether in or out of the religion.

    It’s not just that these people were gullible for listening to stupid advice and waiting for ‘Armageddon’ so they didn’t have to deal:.it’s that they shunned responsible people in the congregation who DID work and plan!!..There is NO forgiveness for this. This is why I spread the word among the JWs I know so that none of these fools come looking in My direction for anything!..Let them track down their ‘spiritual’ friends in$tead.

  • Foolednomore

    There is no mercy for stupidity. If someone told you not to plan ahead and you followed it and things went bad(bad investment) don't come running to me for help. After all, I was discouraged to get an education and my career path, even looked down on. An now, these same people want a hand out?! They can pound sand!

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    How can people who say they are your friends not even want to know why you're leaving when you want them to know?

    Simple, because they worship an idol who can do no wrong in their mind. Idolatry has plagued man since almost the beginning. It is very seductive.

  • Simon

    The expression "having no natural affection" refers to the natural love that members of the same family have for each other.

    Ironic that it's the one characteristic of JWs, that they will turn their back on their family in a heartbeat if the GB demand it.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    How can people who say they are your friends not even want to know why you're leaving when you want them to know?

    Leaving your religion is not a simple process to undertake. It takes a whole lot of work and effort. In my case, I can say that it resulted in 1000s of hours of research and introspection. In the end, I lost most of my friends, many members of my family, changed the way I live my life and how I perceive the world around me. It’s a lot to deal with.

    Undertaking something like this needs to come from within, not outside. If you try to push someone into this without them being ready, consequences could be dire (depression, mental break down, medicine, drugs, suicide). I still have some friends and family in the JWs and I don’t try to “burst” their bubble. As long as they are in a somewhat “good place” in their lives, why would I try to interfere?

    So, today, I have some very limited friendship with some JWs. I would say that I agree, at this time, they are not the best of friends as we no longer have many things in common to talk about. Still, the fact that I understand that they do not want to hear anything to burst their reality doesn’t make me think less of them as individuals. They need this at this time in their lives and the fact that they don’t outright shun me is enough.

  • TonusOH

    What is truly corrupting about shunning is that it is supposedly done out of love-- out of a sincere desire to help the lost sheep find their way back into god's arms. The cruelty of telling people that they must turn their back on people they have come to know, love, and deeply care about is staggering. The pain it has caused families over time is tremendous, and often it is a lasting kind of damage that never heals and affects many more people than just those directly involved.

    The fact that they say it is done out of love, when it is an act/behavior utterly devoid of love, is a crime. That they proudly present it as an idea borne in the heart of a being that is kind, loving, and generous makes you realize the kind of awful, twisted things that we can be made to believe.

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