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  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Having watched it again, I commend to you day 7, part 3, of the ARC proceedings. 1.52.00 on. A very polite but very effective bollocking from the judge. Note his comment that a consultant;s certificate re Jackson's father 'won't assist' and that time will be made the next week for Jackson's evidence.

    Bear in mind that by this time the ARC had already heard from WT Oz elders, its chief lawyer and its head Oz JW.

  • blondie
    They believe that they are the only ones approved to work for God and Jesus, That have their approval....thus they must and can lie to any non-jws or non-jw government because the WTS believes these have only "relative" authority.
  • Vidiot

    The Campos case effectively gave any future WT legal opponents a virtually foolproof means of beating them... a GB member to the stand and/or request the pedo database...

    ...when they inevitably refuse, the court - for all intents and purposes - finds in favor of the plaintiff.

    The WT must know this, is expecting further losses because of it, and is thusly drawing a line in the sand, since - from their POV - they simply cannot comply, and will therefore lose, anyway, so they may as well.

  • freddo


    Insightful post. Thank you. Of course "we" were lucky that Jackson was in Oz and subpoenaed to appear and no weaseling would get him out of it because he could have gone to the slammer for six months.

    I guess that unless the GB is unlucky enough to have compelling reason to be in OZ or UK or anywhere outside of religion controlled USA when a relevant court case comes up then we won't see a repeat of Whacko Jacko (or any of his cowardly cohort) on the stand.

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