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  • Finkelstein

    Rutherford was no fool, he was self avowed opportunistic individual that saw the money and power built around the Watchtower Corporation, that's why he was so ardent into grabbing a hold of the WTS., once he did legally have it to himself, he reflected upon how to keep it financially fluent, that realization concluded into printing more literature and have it distributed by the already retained members of the IBSA.

    The postulation that Jesus had returned and is looking to see who would worthy to be saved and enter into paradise was still used as a vehicle to further proliferate the literature the WTS. published all throughout the 20th century and to this day.

  • steve2

    The obviously loonier aspects of Russell's views have been discarded - but the central idea remains.

    This happens frequently in the origin and development of supposedly "new" belief systems. Some of the earlier stuff turns out to be plain erroneous and even embarrassing. But followers make the adjustments, reframe the teachings whilst retaining the core focus.

    It's an essential part of "manmade" belief systems - and it has never ever been any different. The Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society is just one tiny incarnation of many such systems that litter human history. And, as noted, Russell was like a magpie, grabbing and copying ideas that were in vogue in his day. Egypt was the "thing" and man, do the religious teaching of that day reflect that old powerful nation.

  • Finkelstein

    The core endeavor of the JWS is to support the Watchtower Publishing house as well uphold all doctrines which the leaders of this publishing house profess into doctrines.

    It might be said that this self indulgent continuous support of the WTS is what mostly drives people away from the JWS. You cant worship god correctly or properly without supporting the WTS, so says the leaders of the WTS..

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