problems in north wales

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  • Jim Dee
    Jim Dee

    Any here heard of big problems in north wales, llandudno or holyhead?

    Help would be appreciated


  • Brummie

    "Problems" in what context? You mean JW context? I just ran in to catch the 10, 0clock news to see if anything big was happening in Wales, nothing mentioned so it dawned on me you are probably reffering to something else.


  • Simon

    I've heard of a few things ... don't have all the details yet.

    Typical "unbelievable" JW scandal that isn't so much of a surprise anymore.

    So much has happened there though, we could easily be talking about different things ... take you pick from about half a dozen dodgy goings-on !

  • Englishman

    I haven't heard of any problems, they're still welcoming the English across the border :

    We'll keep a welcome in the hillsides
    We'll keep a welcome in the vales
    This land you knew will still be singing
    When you come home again to Wales
    This land of ours will keep a welcome
    And with a love that never fails
    We'll kiss away each hour of Hiraeth
    When you come again to Wales

    Englishman. Diolch Yn Fawr.

  • reporter

    The shite only rolls one way down from the top of a bryn mawr.

    To what Cymru draig do you refer?

  • hillary_step

    lol...Wales and Jehovahs Witnesses never seem to mix. Every so often a huge scandal erupts there like a Gibbon on steriods. The strange thing is that is seldom seems to be the Welsh that are causing the chaos, but always the 'blow-ins' from the South who manage to turn wife-swapping into and art form while dutifully preparing their Watchtower magazine for the Sunday meeting.

    I noticed in my years of servitude to the WTS, which extended into some areas 'where the need was greater', that there frequently seemed to be a sort of colonialist mentality among those who had moved there. They carried the superior air of 'Theocrats made' good, bent on sorting out the local population of JW's and making them more like the pictures displayed in the Watchtower. Many of them were unpleasant characters who had not been able to rise above counting magazines in their home congregations, but suddenly found themselves elders.

    After a while the enthusiasm that drove them to seek the Lords glory seems to settle in their loins where they quickly learn that being that much further from Headquarters allows them to lead exciting orgasm-rich lives with multitudes of eager JW women, while still being able to give faith-strengthening talks at Assemblies. I once new a JW elder in Wales who was sleeping with three different JW women in local congregations for over three years. He did not report it he said, because he was only having oral and anal sex, and he did not view this as real Unfortunately his wife did not agree with his particular views.


    PS - This is a general comment and I am sure has little to do with JimDee's post.

  • Sirona

    Yes, I know of something in particular, but dont know the individuals names involved. I *do* know one elder who is involved, but I can't say here on this board. Give me more of an idea what it is in particular you want info on, and why.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    H-S, and they gloat of having a 'spiritual' paradise? As to wives and concubines, Solomon can give them a few tips.

    Guest 77

  • SYN

    That was one funny post, Hillary. Damn, this board has been good the past week or so.

  • mattnoel

    Knowing north wales - they have probably burnt down some kingdom halls or something !

    If this is true - I am proud to say I am welsh !

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