Celebrating Mother's And Father's Day Is Unscriptural! You Gotta READ This!

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  • Shakita

    Hey Minimus,

    The WT has got to be kidding. The same God that commands us to honor our mother and father is going to disapprove of choosing one particular day to give our mother's the honor they deserve? I have never worshipped my mother, although I loved her dearly. Since when is giving your mother gifts and taking her out to dinner on her special day constitute worship?

    It is ironic that the Watchtower counsels JW's about not 'worshipping their mother's' on mother's day and yet they see no inconsistency in their insistence that the rank and file worship THEM. The Watchtower has made itself into an idol that desires worship, but we can't dare show love, kindness and consideration to our mother's on a particular day. Ooh! I'm going to write a book called "Watchtower dearest." Anyone interested?

    Mr. Shakita

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I have no respect for their writings. It is as moronic as it is asinine. It is written by people with braces on their brains.

    I can't believe I used to listen to this crap.

  • minimus

    I spent a few hours with my mother on this fine holiday. I gave her a number of different types of candy. When I reminded her that these gifts were for Mother's Day she started to retreat and say, "Please don't say you got those for Mother's Day". I said that I did and for her to look at it as if she was getting a gift of a turkey for Thanksgiving or a Christmas bonus if she were to recieve a gift from work.....It's funny how she didn't want to accept the gifts because of the holiday connotation, although she asked for these particular treats earlier in the week. The candy always wins, though.

  • Loris

    I had my first Mother's Day today. My children gave me flowers. They are grown raised in the "truth". This is their first oportunity to celebrate Mother's Day too. The WTS sucks every possible feeling and love from their prisoners. They want the honor and devotion for themselves. I did not get worshiped today. Just a thanks Mom for sharing your findings and research so we could all get out of that mess.


  • minimus

    We never want to have even the slightest involvement with the pagans. That's why Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to say the month of "May", since it comes from the pagan goddess. And that's why Mother's Day is celebrated in May! And that's why the month of May is never considered a "special month of activity". Because that would be pagan. April is alright, though.

  • Mulan

    I'm with Sheila on this one.

    We had a great Mother's Day.............and so did my Mom, the loyal JW. She loved my gift (a bracelet) but said she is reading the card tomorrow. Okay.............no biggie. Her great grandkids (2 of them) made her cards, and she loved the attention. Who wouldn't? She is the reason all of us were here today..............all 4 of my kids, their mates, and 6 of the 7 grandkids (one had to work). She knows her role in the family, and appreciates the fact that we recognized it.

  • DJ

    Hmmm, unbelievable. It also enables them to keep families apart. Think about it, how could they allow mother's or father's day. There would be families together and what if your mom was df'd for not believing in the 1914 thing or something...and you were a dubby<<<<gasp>>>> You might actually want to visit her or some other ungodly thing...like bring her flowers or even....<<<<gasp>>>> love.....

    I called my jw mom who is in the hospital today and I told her "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM" and she said..."oh, thankyou" Take that wt! I should have visited and brought her flowers but I wasn't up to being shunned by siblings today...

  • minimus

    It's just easy to say that ALL holidays are no good. And if all holidays are no good, all birthdays are no good. And if all birthdays are no good, maybe anniverseries are no good, too.........

  • Dismembered

    yada yada yada. Man they suck!

  • minimus

    Dismembered, how the hell are you? Nice to see you back!!! I missed that hat.

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