Creeeeepy Sanderson

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  • oppostate

    Creepy Sanderson

  • tiki

    That looks hes getting his jollies just looking at the poor nerdy kid...

  • lastmanstanding

    Is that Sandy MiniME

  • steve2

    To me the most significant aspect of the shot is that one of the buttons on the lower arm sleeve of the kid's jacket is slightly out of alignment with the other two. You'd think his parents would pay attention to necessary details before parading him before the GB fatty.

  • slimboyfat

    Looks okay to me.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    The buttons are truly out of alignment and, certainly, shockingly out of color (colour) context with the gray (colour and grey, for SBF and steve2) suit. I would suggest replacement buttons from the following list of color (colour) options: Pearl Gray (grey); Cadet Gray (grey); Payne's Gray (grey); or Taupe Gray (grey).

  • wizzstick

    Sanderson (and the guy to his right) look very well fed.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Oh get your mind out of the gutter. He's no pedo. If anything he's probably one of the more sincere GB members, seeing as he was raised in "the truth" and spent his entire life pioneering or at Bethel. Looking at and listening to him, I think he is generally in awe of his fellow GB members and considers it all a great privilege. I think he is sincerely duped. Being at that organizational level he undoubtedly gets exposed to some pretty disturbing stuff, but I'm sure he finds ways to rationalize them, like most of us did.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Sorry...don't see anything "creepy" at all about the photo. In fact it seems kind of nice really.

    There's lots to complain about when it comes to JW teachings but that doesn't mean there's fault to be found, in everything they do or say.

  • steve2

    My reference to the suit sleeve was my cryptic way of saying there's nothing of interest. Moreover, it is a shame that a man smiling upon a child can be described as creepy .So easily people's innocent intentions and motives are put through the mud.

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