Fade..... or this?

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  • Giordano

    There are four ways to leave the 'Truth'...... alive............you can be Disfellowshiped...... then shunned, you can formally Disassociate yourself and be shunned........ you can Fade. The first two words belong to the Society, Fade on the other hand is defined as 'to gradually grow faint and disappear.' 'Walking away' has it's own negative connotation about one's commitments and relationships.

    I think some folks feel uncomfortable with these words. Perhaps none of them describe what you want or feel.

    How about........Disengage?

    It is an interesting word that means ' to separate or release (someone or something) to which they are attached or connected.'

    There is another definition as used in Fencing. 'To pass the point of one's sword over or under the opponent's sword to change the line of attack'......... Theocratic warfare anyone?

    For those seeking to separate from the JW'S......... disengaging may be the more accurate word to describe you to yourself. A word that you can use....... not one that they use. A big part of leaving is to not define yourself by their words.......nor playing by their rules.

  • snugglebunny

    Spot on. It's all about not entering into their world. There's so many language traps, so many buzz words and phrases that one can easily find oneself saying such stupid things as "I'm leaving the Truth!"

    You have to move away psychologically and verbally. If you are determined to get into dialogue, and this includes dialogue with yourself as well as JW's, Jehovah must become your Creator, disfellowshipping must become excommunication, the ministry work simply door-knocking or canvassing. There's many more that can be added, I'm sure.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    You forgot to mention the 4th way of leaving the 'Truth': Death.

  • silentbuddha

    Those 1st 2 words don't belong to the Society

  • ShirleyW

    I guess that's what I did, disengage, since I was a born-in and never baptized, I never really brought into it but when I got around my early twenties my father saw that I really wasn't into it and I didn't have to go to meetings anymore if I didn't want to. So since that was all I knew since birth, I guess I "disengaged" from da troof.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i resigned.

  • Giordano
    You forgot to mention the 4th way of leaving the 'Truth': Death.

    There are four ways to leave the 'Truth'...... alive..

    is what I said.

    Snugglebunny that's a great take on the Societies wordage.

    They use coded words as weapons like The Truth and a whole stack of others. Even the use of 'The Friends' which dates back to Russell's day, had meaning as supporters of his cause.

    Trigger words like Paradise Earth, Armageddon. Nasty words like DFing or DAing, even Marking.

    To often we accept the names others call us.

  • ToesUp

    According to others we are just not a "spiritual" family (I assume that makes the judgmental ones feel better about themselves). I guess we are considered weak. Little do they know the strength it took to escape this cult. I really don't care what the JW's think of us anymore, we are just glad we are "free."

  • OnTheWayOut

    I faded fast over less than a year, but have suggested that some try to leave faster if they either have no family reason to hang around or if they may retain such family anyway. It might also be that those with a JW spouse and children they hope to get out of the cult should try leaving faster.

    I suggest many try to just leave all at once without any slow reduction of activity. It can't always be done and keep loved ones' communication too. But it is something to consider.

    That might be a huge disconnect or "disengage" move.

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