Watchtower purchases CoC copyright for undisclosed amount!

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  • OrphanCrow
    Simon: It would still be breaking copyright law to pirate copies of the WTS secret elders manual..

    Again...I question if it is illegal to "pirate" the elders' manual.

    Is not the elders' manual readily available for public download on the ARC site? And no restrictions on its distribution?

    And many other WTS documents and publications as well? Ones that the WTS try to hold hostage and secret under their "copyright" rights?

    I don't think that redistributing WTS published material is "pirating". Not at all.

  • Simon
    Is not the elders' manual readily available for public download on the ARC site? And no restrictions on its distribution?

    If it is now freely available then it would be OK to get your own copy but may still be against the rules to distribute unless they grant that right.

    I was referring to that because in the past it was secret and the only way to get it was to either be part of the system or break the rules. They tried to shut sites down that made it available.

  • DwainBowman

    If they did buy it, their only reason would be to deny it to anyone else that would want it. In that case, I would not care how I go it, or who I passed it on to!

    I knew when I first opened this post, she was asking a, What if Question, from her statement!


  • Mephis

    It's breaching copyright law. But it's a civil offence, and it's for them to show how they've lost financially from anything they distribute free of charge being distributed, erm, free of charge. I'd have more of a problem if people were charging for, or benefiting financially from, something within copyright which was available for free elsewhere. That's just rude. But in the scenario painted by the OP, can you imagine the press coverage of the book the dubs want to suppress from being read? It's nominal damages and no costs awarded to the plaintiff stuff even if you lost the case.


    It's also confusing the intent. The intent behind pirating CoC wasn't to make it available (it previously was available legitimately and the pirating adversely effected that). It was to make money or gain self-promition from it. Both utterly selfish reasons that are later spun into some Robin-Hood-Esque Tale after the fact to justify it.....Simon

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  • sparrowdown
    If WT purchased copyright to CoC they would make a movie out of it and make Ray the evil villain and them the heroes that saved Bethel from this evil apostate ring.
  • Listener

    JWs have been breaking the law since it's creation. They have been happy to sell it's own publications in countries where it is banned and feel no sense of guilt whatsover. The Wtbts has even profited because of doing this. Most of us were JWs and saw nothing wrong with this and probably even congratulated those that did it. That's because we felt that the law was being broken for the greater good and that made it okay, even the right thing to do.

  • OrphanCrow

    I still think of it as a security breach rather than a copyright violation. I would argue that if I ever faced a judge on the matter.

    The "secret" WTS material is a publication of "facts", and I am not convinced that a "creative license" applies to it.

  • Zoos
    Watchtower purchases CoC for undisclosed amount! Now what is your stance?

    I would announce on every social media outlet I could get my computer on that I possess a PDF of Ray's book (which I do), that I am willing to dispense it free of charge (which I am) and that they should send me a private message to discuss it (which they should).

    .... if the Watchtower purchased the copyright for CoC.

  • wozza

    Those 7 clowns would probably be stupid enough to buy the copyright.

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