Ants and Jehovah's Witnesses: The Elite Death Spiral

by Terry 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Smiles

    So true. That is how it happens.

  • Terry

    As I've observed before, there is the frenzy of the compulsive Gambler Mentality about the Governing Body. They have a mental state which may well be neurotic obsessive/compulsive fixation and addiction to THE END!

    They can't help themselves when it comes to tinkering with doctrine and predicting when the Great Trib and Harm my Geddon will pop.
    They roll the dice shouting to heaven "Come on - just one time!" And crap out.

    Neurosis and obsession are not healthy. Addiction ruins lives.
    We were all very very fortunate to escape (or be tossed out) because we more or less became sane for a few seconds :)

  • Vidiot
    Terry - "...addiction to THE END..."

    I would argue that the addiction is to the fiction of "God's Exclusive Earthly Organization".


    ..."addiction to the fiction"...

    Catchy, if I do say so myself.

  • Terry

    JW's are organized to the point of exhaustion as indefatigable slave labor in pursuit of mere activity without substance.
    All those hours spent disseminating stale food - what a monumental waste of life.
    At least ANTS have something to show for their efforts.

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