The moon

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  • zeb

    Yes take a look at the moon after 1930h 14th Nov. It is the closest the moon is to earth in many years. wont be this close for many years more.

    Use any telescope or binoculars.. wowee.

  • Heaven

    It was very bright last night. I hope it is not cloudy on Monday.

  • nonjwspouse

    Oh I am so upset that our view is going to be so covered up with the forest fires smoke. At this point the visibility in the valley where I live, many miles away, is less than a mile. Airspace has been restricted for quite sometime.The children can't play outside due to the code red air quality.

    I so wanted to see that moon!

    I live in the valley of the largest fire in TN

  • prologos

    after 930 am August 21, 2017 the moon will be as large as the sun, and covering it. anybody here living along the path, Oregon to South Carolina planning to open their door, land for wt weary viewers?

  • Xanthippe

    Yeah I'm looking forward to it. We won't see a super moon this big again until 2034.

  • TheWonderofYou
  • JeffT
    Yeah I'm looking forward to it. We won't see a super moon this big again until 2034.

    Don't be too disappointed.. I can't find the numbers just now, but this supermoon is all of 41 miles closer than the on in 1948. Out of a distance of 221,000 miles, this isn't a real big deal.

  • Fisherman

    Wow! Thanks for the post. I do not want to miss the event.

  • bsmart

    Last night we were driving and saw the moon, it was huge compared to the full moon last month. It wont disappoint. It will be out all night largest at 6:30 in the morning (Monday) here in the Midwest.

  • zeb

    I tried to photograph the moon last night through my telescope (25X) but the camera agued with the scope and wouldn't do it. To those with no light pollution and a clear sky go for it you wont be disappointed.

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