Australian ABC News article on JW incest victim

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  • smiddy3

    shepherdless , / Tenacious ,

    ,I listen to ABC radio very early mornings and when I get up I watch ABC TV news and I never saw or heard anything about this and I`m wondering what format this was on.? Or how you came across it .?

    I have just sent an e-mail / contact to the ABC asking similar questions and also suggesting this should be given a wider audience as it truly is an amazing thing / story ,Shelley has done being a victim of sexual abuse and then turning it all around and becoming a lawyer herself .

    It would make a good Australian Story ABC program if done right.

    Thanks for the posts .

    I have just found out that it was a journalist for on line ABC Brisbane program Kate McKenna that broke this story .

    How about a few of us contact the ABC Australia requesting they promote or expand this article on national TV and radio as it is such a good success story worthy of a greater distribution .

    I myself have already done so .

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