JW's And Yoga

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  • Crazyguy

    Funny thing is yoga is thought to go back well over 6000 years and was practiced by an ancient Indian sage. This guy was probably a friend or even a demon buddy of Satan himself. Demons are into making humans health better didn't you know. Anyway you should not practice such vile things it's obvious this is one of the many reasons why you left the truth and will be killed by the big guy at the big A.

  • Rainbow_Troll
    So one religion, Hinduism, has taken the practice of yoga and used it. That doesnt make yoga exclusively a Hindu thing though does it? Just like JW's have taken the wedding ring, wedding cake and ear piercings and used them.

    Yes it DOES. These are all pagan customs that I'm sure the GB wil get around to outlawing soon. Just because the GB has made some concessions over the years to worldly customs does not give JWs permission to practice demonic rituals like yoga!

    I'll have to disagree with you there and say YES! Many people of no religion practice yoga and use it to control their diet, blood pressure and mental disposition.

    Yeah, and they are using the power of the demons to do these things even if they don't know it.

    I call bullshit on this one. It is true that the human body is amazing and capable of doing remarkable things such as withstanding heat and cold under the proper training. But as for transmitting thoughts and super hearing this has NEVER been proven under scientific conditions. If it had it would be a world wide groundbreaking discovery that science would use for the advancement of humanity. So far, no proof has ever come forward.

    Demons don't want scientists to discover their existence, as this would convince them that Jehovah exists too. Demons only reveal themselves to those who already believe so they can either harass them or tempt them away from Jehovah.

    Not so amazing. Lying on a bed of nails is pure physics. Anyone can do it. The weight of ones body evenly spread over the bed of nails in the correct way is no great feat. As for hot coals, hell, Tony Robbins does this at the end of every seminar with his students. Again, pure physics.

    No, pure spiritism. Tony Robbins is demon possessed!

    I've seen Penn and Teller do this trick too. Then they shown you how they did it. No major feat there either.

    Top magicians like Penn & Teller get their powers from demons! Haven't you ever watched their HBO show 'Bullshit'? These are vulgar, demon-possessed men who seize every opportunity to mock Jehovah and his followers. They HATE God!

    No it isnt. That's just the hindu take on it. Go speak to a Buddhist, a Jain, a Trantic or any other school of yoga. There are many!

    Moksha, Nirvana and all the rest are just synonyms for demon possession. I can't believe how stupid and naive you are about this! Satan CREATED these religions. Open your eyes!

  • Moster

    Shirley W

    I remember around ten years ago The Williams sisters had a reality show, on one episode I remember Venus's coach or whoever had mentioned to her about doing some yoga and Venus kept saying "my religion doesn't believe in it" or "I can't do it because of my religion!", she said it quite a few times as the woman was trying to convince her it would be good for her. Amazing how they stand up for Jah's principles and probably haven't stepped foot in a KH in decades.


    Funny, she didn't tell her boyfriend that "my religion doesn't allow it" when he was getting her pregnant recently.

    Actually that is Serena. Not a baptized JW, so no disfellowshiping for her....perhaps a disassociation? Wait what am I saying? Got money? Got fame? You can stay.

  • pale.emperor

    Rainbow Troll, i hope you're joking with me. I'm seriously lost for words at how deluded you came accross there. So either good acting or oh dear.

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