AUSTRALIA | Media Article - Leaders of the Jehovah’s Witnesses ordered to destroy confidential records

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  • Moster

    What is stored in the "congregation’s confidential file,” ? What would the elders files have that the main file doesn't? Other than notes of the investigation - oh and of course references to the 'wild talk'.

  • RayoFlight2014

    It would appear that the private notes contain the most accurate and unrevised information that reflects what actually transpired as recalled by the victims.

    This was proven at the ARC, the private notes supported the victims recollection.

    It would make sense to have only a brief summary as your main document and to discard the detail if the intention is to hide what you knew.

  • ToesUp

    WT is getting ready to sit on the other side of the JC table. Enjoy the show!

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