When do the 2300 days begin?

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  • johnamos

    kosonen, you are obviously aware of the numerous overlapping prophesies but you are way off on thinking the UN comes to power AFTER the 1,260 days end. That period of time is the time when it will be in power. (Rev 17:13, 13:5, 11:2)

  • Rivergang

    Where have I heard before the term "Numerology on Steroids"?


    I would say this to Kosonen and any other protestant.

    The idea that you [or anyone else] would know the hour, the day, the month or even the effin year is ludicrous.

    Every generation ever [even before Jesus] thought that they would witness the apocalypse. .

    EVERYONE WHO EVER LIVED, ended up dead.



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  • Kosonen
    johnamos:12 hours ago

    "kosonen, you are obviously aware of the numerous overlapping prophesies but you are way off on thinking the UN comes to power AFTER the 1,260 days end. That period of time is the time when it will be in power. (Rev 17:13, 13:5, 11:2)"

    No, that should not be the case, because Revelation 13 has in fact nothing to do with UN. I know that WT and some others teach that the image of the beast is the UN. But I don't think there is any evidence to that.

    I rather believe the "image of the beast" is still a future invention. It could be an electronic object representing the coming global authority. And this electronic object could have surveillance capabilities and register if a person does not perform an act of worship to it. It would of course be connected to the internet and report on people who do not worship it. As an electronic object it could also speak, in reality it would just utter prerecorded messages. But it could also transfer human speach as a loud speaker. For example representatives of the global authority could speak to people through it and order people to worship it. And it could have cameras recording the reaction of the people.

    The "image of the beast" could be multiple such devices that they will place on lot of places.

    Or it could also be an obligatory app on everyone's smartphone. And then maybe everyone would be forced to click a button to pledge one's alleigence to it, maybe even daily.

    My fantasy just pops with future scenarios

  • atomant

    Kosonen maybe its covid19 certificate of vaccination 19 represents AI artificial intelligence 1 is an A the 9th letter in alphabet is an l.... not to mention the bill and Melinda foundation have developed a biometric tattoo where a nano chip can be injected in your forearm at the same time as the coming mandatory vaccine so you can then be scanned for ID vaccinations and health records

  • tiki

    I must say this is amusing reading......

  • Jeffro

    If people want to completely ignore the actual historical context of the book of Daniel, they can come up with any old numerological drivel. And when they do, it usually 'just happens' to 'point to' some time close to 'now', because 'reasons'.

    Given the actual context of Daniel, the "2,300 days" (6.5 years) most likely refers to the period from Antiochus' appointment of a new Hellenised priest in Jerusalem in mid-171 BCE until the restoration of Jewish worship and rededication of the temple in December 165 BCE.

    But why let logic get in the way of half-baked nonsense?

  • atomant

    wont be long now and a one world government will be created something to look forward to.

  • JoenB75

    42 months were for some strange reason the duration of Nero's persecution 64-68 and the war with Rome 67-70

  • Phizzy

    I agree 100% with Jeffro. Good to see your post young feller ! You've been away for a while ?

    Also to be considered is that the Bible Book of Daniel is of the Genre that assumes a personal name for its title, pretends to be written Centuries before it was, is Apocalyptic,and is done that way to hide the Target, Antiochus. Quite a common genre in the Centuries BCE, and of course in the 1st and 2nd Centuries of C.E, Revelation for example.

    As Jeffro rightly says, to play about with numbers from such a source is just wrong, and IMO very silly. Also to join together Scriptures from Books written many years apart, to make a weird claim, is really no way to understand the Bible, and what it really is writing about.

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