Why Are People Licking ,Spitting On Food And Contaminating??

by minimus 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Lately it seems to be the popular thing to do. Spitting and licking food and drink is supposed to be funny??

    I don’t get it.👎🏿

  • Simon

    It boils down to lack of respect or consideration for other people and made worse by idiots "clapping" on social media to encourage it.

    I hope all of them are identified, prosecuted and locked up.

  • Atlantis

    I hope all of them are identified, prosecuted and locked up.

    I'll drink to that!


  • rockemsockem

    Same idiot millennial's who eat Tide pods

  • minimus

    I don’t know why you would connect Trump supporters with this behavior, Shirley. Anybody that does this is disgusting. Politics has nothing to do with this.🤮

  • Xanthippe

    Never heard of it is it an American thing?

  • minimus

    People are going at the stores , supermarkets opening up ice cream Licking the tops of it and then putting it back for consumption. Or opening up a bottle of something tasting it and putting it back for a consumer to buy

  • WTWizard

    This is nothing new. I can remember when some stupid idiot bought a bottle of Tylenol and put cyanide in one of the capsules, and put it back on the store shelf. Someone later bought it and died from cyanide poisoning. Since then, there is supposed to be tamper evident packaging on all food and drink, and all supplements and medication. This is why you have that inner seal on your vitamins and aspirin pills.

    Seems that the ice cream cartons that were tampered with were not sealed. Someone could have just as easily put poison on the ice cream and put it back. Had the companies that make this stuff learned from the cyanide in the Tylenol incident, they would have put plastic film on the carton, so they would only be able to lick the plastic and not touch the contents under it. That would prevent most of these incidents from being serious.

    But, the sheer stupidity of posting videos of yourself doing this on the Internet is going to make you a target for jail. You will be caught, since someone is going to see that video that will have you arrested, and any jury will have access to these videos during the trial, making it almost impossible to be acquitted. At least they didn't do that during the Tylenol with cyanide incidents--though several copycat incidents happened with that that ultimately led to the tamper evident seals on our packages. Now, if only they would do that with all our food and drink (bonus: A good seal helps the product stay fresher in storage longer.)

  • blondie
  • minimus

    They have nothing better to do with their lives.

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