Lott video and " Vanity" of modern JW women

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  • Diogenesister

    One thing I picked up from the " Remember the Wife of Lott" video was the amount of time the jw women gave over to improving their looks.

    In days of old I doubt a jw wife would have been portrayed in a salon having a lot of beauty treatments .

    That's not to say it would be looked down on, per sa, I just doubt it would have been portrayed on official propaganda videos as an acceptable way for jw women to spend time that could be otherwise given over to promoting " kingdom interests". Given the way the org uses anything to belittle women I'm surprised they let those scenes fly without negative comment.

    Just a minor point ....I know the vids have been done to death by now!!!

  • OrphanCrow
    Diogenesister: Given the way the org uses anything to belittle women I'm surprised they let those scenes fly without negative comment.

    Appearance is everything.

    And what the attention to beauty treatments actually does, is reinforce the notion that women are objects. Objects to be owned. The prettier the better. Better for the men who own them.

  • sparky1

    I am a man and I agree with OrphanCrow. Having been raised in this religion, I have been guilty of this type of 'objectified' thinking myself.The fundamentalist / religious outlook on life is insidious and difficult to bypass. At 62 years old I still struggle with much of my Jehovah's Witness indoctrinated upbringing.

  • Alive!

    The percentage of JW women who are obsessed or over preoccupied with wardrobes, cosmetic (plastic etc) enhancements is an eye opener.

    I know a few who had extra bedrooms converted into wardrobe rooms, with bags and shoes and everything itemised, categorised and arranged like one gorgeous, luxurious shop.

    What makes this so particularly 'odd' is how it fits in with their full time Christian life.....they belong to a religion that condemns their female counterparts in other Christian faiths (perhaps women who work tirelessly in charities or services to provide for the poor, abused and needy)...and yet cherishes these Botox filled and thoroughly preened from top to toe 'women of God'.

    I don't think they really get how the 'world' sees them. Sure, their grooming is admired, but non-witnesses DO NOT see such physical sharpness as a truly Christian quality or sign that this person is a humble Christian.

    I remember an extended non-witness family member once laughed out loud at a convention...she said it looked like a day at Ascot rather than a Christian meeting.

    i thought it was sour grapes at the time - but on reflection, she just said what she 'saw' and how it looked.

    And I honestly don't mean to be sour grapes myself - but it's since withdrawing that I can see how 'silly' it all was...and witnesses love it, it elevates the group, it 'looks' good.

    Yet only in a worldly way....People will be attracted for an askewed reason, it seems to me.

    Again, I'm not being bitter or snarky - it's just I see the oddness of it all now.

  • sparrowdown

    Witnesses are amongst the most image obsessed people I have ever met. The sisters act like hollywood starlets, especially at conventions, I remember the little girls dressed up bridesmaids it's all so absurd.

    What this cult does to people is sad and infuriating because they create this appearance obsessed environment then counsel people for being appearance obsessed! The men are just as obsessed too btw.

  • LongHairGal

    I think part of the reason Witnesses are obsessed with appearance, especially at conventions, is that people take pictures.

    A certain sister I know is not thrilled that she is in certain photographs and I can't say as I blame her.

    Other than that, Witness women are just like the "world" regarding the latest trends about looking good. No talks by anybody are going to change that.

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