At a regional convention today....

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  • Wayward

    Have you ever noticed its a bit like dealing with reptiles? Their mouths smile but their eyes are so cold.

    The very last time a pair of elders showed up at my door to 'show concern' for me was three? maybe four? years ago. Been so long I can't remember. They came by because they wanted to discuss my skepticism about the Bible as divine revelation. That conversation had taken place two years, TWO YEARS! before. Such love. Such concern for a long ago strayed sheep. After I told them no, I don't believe in the Bible, instead of trying to reason with me, they spent half an hour talking with my non-JW hubby. Probably trying to get my 'husbandly owner' converted so he'd drag me back in. The whole time I never felt that those elders, men I've known practically my entire life, had any sincere interest in me.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "The smiles are paper thin when they see each other in hotels. The laughs forced."

    Many JWs exhibit a scripted, put-on kind of love and warmth that originates from a prideful need to prove to themselves and the world that they are true followers of christ. Watchtower constantly tells them that JWs are true christians and that true christians have love for one another, this causes many JWs to feel obligated to perform plastic smiles and plastic hugs to boastfully support the claim that JWs are true christians.

  • Sevan

    Hey kairos,

    I was baptized in the Cow Palace! Went there for many years. Lately we've been able to go to the Convention Center in downtown Sacramento, which has been much nicer and more convenient.

    I'm planning on going to the convention this year, but I'm planning on this being my last one. I want to see the terrible shunning video and bunker video leaked online for myself.

    I have badges for myself, husband and kids that they gave me at meeting, but I'm not sure if I want to wear mine.

    I view this convention as a sort of closure for me.

  • Vidiot

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