What kind of JW would it take to defend his/her faith amongst apostates?

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  • be wise
    be wise

    I’m thinking only a brain-dead one!

    Maybe the whipper snapper shows off to his/her JW friends, thinking they're so strong and superior because it doesn’t affect their faith in God. (Only a JW this small minded would even bother and would fail to see even some of the truth in what x-JW’s say.)

    I know for a fact that if all JW’s saw the truth about their religious organisation for themselves they wouldn’t all be JW’s.

  • cellomould

    JWs are well prepared to deal with skepticism...it feels great to them to rely on logical fallacies.

  • StinkyPantz

    I thinking doubting ones come here. They try defending themselves in order to make their faith stronger. Also, they are directly violating a hardcore JW rule by associating w/apostates, so their faith is obviously weak.

  • DanTheMan

    A combination of personality traits, arrogance and icy coldness being most essential.

  • shamus

    Complete nincompoops, some of them, who try to "save" apostates / df'd people. Obviously these persons are not all right in the head - they are self-righteous loners who just want to stir up poop. They are psychotic individuals whom cannot be reasoned with.

    Others lurk, because they have questions, get drawn into some debates..... can't stop.

    Some lurk, because their faith is weak, and are tired of it. They try to hold on to their faith, and even defend it tooth and nail for a time.... until they find the other side of the coin.

    All types. Mostly the latter, some of the first.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I can see my ex doing this. Thinks he knows it all because he can cite scripture and verse at the drop of a hat. Smug self-righteous, know-it-all. Yea I can see him trying to prove his point in here or with other apostates

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    What kind of JW would it take to defend his/her faith amongst apostates?

    A really big one.

  • TMS

    I confess.

    As a young pioneer in the 60's, I was approached by "Millennial Dawners" outside Empire Stadium, the assembly site in Vancouver, B.C. I respectfully listened to their concerns and attempted to answer their charges. I accepted a tract, later reviewing it between convention sessions.

    My confidence in the "truth" was so resolute that I never turned down an opportunity to defend my faith.


  • Maverick

    First off I would like to state, "We are not the apostates!" Now that I have that off my chest I too have wondered about why faithful duds would ever come here. Could it be that some people are very adept at navigating the web and got curious or stumbled on here by mistake? Then, when they started reading the threads they became indignant? It bothered them to the point where they just had to respond? Feeling, how can people attack Mommy like that? It is with good reason their Society does not want them here. The truth stands tall, only the lie tries to suppress. Maverick

  • Jayson

    It takes a believer that must be right. Their debate is not the interest in finding out "if" they are right. Because for them even if what they currently hold as the truth is proven false it still must be right. Otherwise, why else would the Watchtower have published it? People in all walks of life fall for propaganda that suits their prejudices. It is not just the JW's that suffer from not being able to face the reality of false teachings. Even when it is plainly shown that the material is bunk they still slide into debating the merit of the spirit of the message.

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