Annual Meeting 2019 - part one

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  • TheFadingAlbatros

    The JW.ORG organization looks every passing day more and more like a Building Firm made in USA:

  • carla

    Some of us won't go to jw dot org, want to tell us more?

  • sir82

    To me, one of the interesting things was Losch. He gave the opening talk.

    Just a few weeks before the annual meeting, at the Gilead graduation, he gave the talk on Armageddon date-setting, and how so many other people & groups had set dates which (obviously) were false, and the JWs had done that too (he specifically mentioned 1925 & 1975), but in that case, it wasn't really all that bad (so his argument went).

    I noted in the thread covering that topic, that Losch "read the talk with all the warmth, feeling, and enthusiasm of a hostage reading his captor's statement at gunpoint." He was extraordinarily nervous, mispronouncing words, stumbling, stuttering - a complete mess.

    In the GM opening talk, in contrast, he was far more animated, relaxed, and comfortable. As I noted in the other thread, he's never been a dynamic speaker, but by his standards, it was about as good as it gets.

    I guess he really didn't like to have to discuss the WT's failures.

  • incognito2014

    Sweet baby Jesus.

    I just randomly skipped forward to about 18:00 and Lett made me jump out of my skin with his ludicrous facial expressions. Surely they know how he come across.

    Also earlier in the talk it was mentioned they could live for all eternity and they all clapped. I genuinely don't think they have ever stopped to reflect on what that means. Yeah sure living for a 1000 years in perfection may be OK, at least you can comprehend it. But living for a billion years, or a trillion years and then realising that that was just the start and there are several more trillion to go in fact trillions of trillions of trillions of years make no sense at all.

    Every one of them is totally deluded but they think that everyone else are fools.

  • pale.emperor

    Also earlier in the talk it was mentioned they could live for all eternity and they all clapped. I genuinely don't think they have ever stopped to reflect on what that means.

    You know when you complete a computer game and you've no other games so you just keep freeroaming it over and over again? Soon gets boring doesnt it? That's the JW "new system" for you. Except in this one we're wearing 70s slacks, living in tree houses and passing fruit to people in national dress.

    Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever...


    He didn’t want to discuss the failures, just like Herd didn’t want to discuss the financial troubles a couple of years ago. You would swear his wife was held hostage somewhere and he was forced to read that manuscript.

    I get it. I felt the same about every privilege I had in my last two years as a Dub.


  • JoenB75

    All this JW broadcasting and internet stuff is very funny to me. When I was dragged to the meetings in the 80s, it was all boring talks, uncomfortable chairs and strange smells. A few years ago a friend told me about the all the new stuff and I went online and saw the cheerful disney songs and cartoons. From a marketing and presentation standpoint, the problem is the old men. They are strange and not in any way charming or sexy or whatever else an appealing presentation would need.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Losch can miraculously see God's hand in everything the GB do. Personally I think he is biased!

    Yes they are property developers but what a strain it is to watch JW TV?

    The mechanical gestures of the presenters betray the Watchtower mentality of surrendering to total control. It shrieks: conservative image, clean cut and conformist. Nothing is spontaneous, never a relaxed stance, never a natural joke or irony or word fluff, the likes of which assure normal viewers that they share humanity with the speakers. The spiel slides along at a snail's pace rigidly scripted and delivered with fake emotion. JW TV is not informative (unless you live in a cardboard box) but it is always a sermon of how to act as a good little obedient witness.

    The JW org is not human -- and it most certainly is not divine either! It is nothing other than a propaganda machine to mislead the flock with soft words and saccharine superlatives.

    Just remind yourself: in the 140 years of their existence they have never got anything right so why listen to them?

  • Listener

    In the video we hear how Jehovah has performed miracle after miracle after miracle when it comes to buying land, building properties and getting licences.

    In the speech that Loesch gave, he goes through some of the history of the Watchtower organization. He said that Rutherford saw himself as the leader of the organization but in 1942 he declared that he wasn't the leader but just taking the lead, as the bible says.

    I don't know why Loasch admitted to this, maybe there will be new light and they will throw out all the false teachings introduced by Rutherford whilst he was acting as leader in the place of Christ, I doubt it though. But this was why many left the organization and to this day the GB talk about those ones as being unfaithful.

  • Listener

    They also claimed, on this video, that they spent nearly $50,000,000 on relief work over the last two years. They didn't go into very much detail as to a breakdown of this spending but they did include approximately 700 Kingdom Halls which had been destroyed or damaged.

    Do you believe that they call repairing or rebuilding their own buildings as relief workers?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they also called payments to child abuse victims, relief work.

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