Greek and antecedents (draft)

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    Still on Rev 12:5: I agree with you that ος refers to υιος (son). I have taken Rev 12:5 as evidence of typical incongruence in the strict grammatical sense as given by BDR.

    But this grammatical phenomenon - also in Rev 12:5 - reaffirms the idea that the relational pronoun is defined by the governing word (υιος => ος // son => which) and not, conversely.


    I look forward to stimulating studies/questions/searches ✌️😎 there are a lot of interesting topics here, but I'm short on time...


    p.s. I wanted to contribute to the discussion regarding the "End Times" i.e. my take on the last days, last hour, time approaching etc.

    p.p.s and for my part, an unfinished discussion, also on the Revelation and the identity of Babylon the Great... I would be interested in your opinion or that of others...

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    let me know when you post it, and Ill def take a look :)

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