Jehovah's Witnesses Propaganda & Hypocrisy Video

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  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    QUESTION (please)

    Were these propaganda videos shown at the summer conventions??

    Reason I ask is...I'm known as kind of a jazz buff, so I would LOVE to ask one of my JW friends if they've heard of Nicolas King. Then I'd show them a pic from one of his his performances and say..."I heard he was a fairly prominent JW, with a lifetime CAREER in showbiz...does he look familiar?" I'd just leave it AT THAT, and let 'em start poking around...maybe follow up a couple weeks later and gauge their reaction when I ask if they'd dug up any info on him (I'm sure that some of the younger 'sisters' would be all over that stuff).

    So...convention vid? Online only? Or perhaps something shown at the Kingom Hall meetings? Just trying to estimate the likelihood of them actually having SEEN the vid, or vids. Thanks in advance.

  • darkspilver

    The video is titled: "These Words . . . Must Prove to Be on Your Heart"

    It was premiered on Saturday 28 May 2011 at 3.15pm at that week's US District Conventions and was subsequently shown at the same time/day at the following week's Conventions which, in the US, continued up to the middle of September.

    It was released as a hard copy DVD at the 2014 District Conventions, during the Sunday programme.

    Following this it has also now been made available for digital download via the website and the JW Library app (listed under Videos > Movies > Modern Day)

    Most recently it was discussed during the Service Meeting week starting 17 August 2015

    Link to scan

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