Watchtower Internet Presence Spells Doom For the Cult With Every Passing Year.

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    So very true. On Twitter, for example, the obvious hashtags like #JWorg , #Jehovah , #jehovahsWitnesses are filled with ex-JW posts. There are some JW's using the hashtags, but their posts are not as many as the ex-JWs. On Facebook, Yelp and Google people are putting in reviews on the Kingdom Halls and posting news links right there on their Kingdom hall pages. Some of them have been up for over a year, while some Kingdom halls seem to have one or two concerned individuals managing to get the posts taken down for a while....a lol

    Youtube also has tons of EX-JW videos come up on the obvious search terms like "Jehovah" and "" and "Jehovah witness".

    In today's day and age, the EX-JW community is right there with the JWorg website results. It's no longer just 2 witnesses to a householder door, it's 2 JW's and Google. People will inevitably Google JWorg Jehovah's Witnesses in their cell phone whenever a Jehovah's Witness approaches them. Not every single person, but I'd imagine anyone who would have an interest in JWorg would get curious about it and see what's on the Internet besides just the JWorg site.

    Further, in some sectors, people research their group affiliations, careers and purchases. I know in my local community, people will take time to research a business on and other sites first to see if it's even a business worth bothering with.

    And then there's the people who are now XJWs who accidentally clicked the wrong site and it ended up being an "apostate" site that woke them up ? Know of 2 people who had that happen to them. One was a guy who was a devout JW and their JW friend sent them some kind of site about Terrance Howard saying how he's not good enough to be a JW and if he could he'd be one. Somehow the guy ended up clicking another link which was an XJW site and the rest is history lol.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The internet is making itself indispensible tool for a large portion of the human population and soon will be that way for everyone on the planet.

    Only the most brain dead will use the net to research 'only theocratic corporation sponsored' sites.

    On the battle with the internet the Watchtower Corporation's efforts have been dismal to say the least. So much for using asset wisely, too busy fighting apostates and DFing I suppose, which have left them with a dismal internet present that will never be anything but shit to the except to the most brain dead JW.

    These guys hate science, higher education, and a imaginary Satan, they don't know jack shit about the real world they will never recover because they are always a day late and a dollar short.

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