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  • Splash

    It just occurred to me that those born in 2014, 100 years after the epochal date of 1914, will be 9 years old this year and are starting to become candidates for baptism.

    1914 used to be relatable in that our parents or grand parents lived then, but not any more.

    it’s dropped so far into history that any significance linked to it is just as convincing as the Black Death being a harbinger for Armageddon.

    Never mind that we are also now crossing the 100 year threshold for the 7 trumpets of declarations that occurred during the 1920’s! Remind me, how important were these angelic messages? What were they again?

    if I was still a JW I would have to isolate my JW brain from all thinking and reasoning so I could continue to believe.

    Honestly, did it even make sense back in the day?

  • wozza

    My first study was in 74/75 with an elder who believed 1975 was the end ,well he's long dead and the memory of my study seems so very long ago.

    And yet Charles Taze Russel started to formulate the JW teachings 100 YEARS before that !

    How the hell did I ever follow this shit.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Those born in 2014.

    This is where 1914 is really starting to be a "conundrum".

    The Borg has vehemently stated and stuck to this fallacy 1914 and adamantly has refuted all "biblical" and researched conclusions to refute it.

    Time is clearly NOT on the Borgs side.

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