If Your JW Relative Needed Blood, Would You Force It On Them?

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  • minimus

    Due to the fact that most of us do not feel that it is Scripturally wrong to take blood, if your relative was told that they needed a transfusion and you could see that they get it, even if it's against their wishes, would you force blood into them???

  • searchfothetruth

    Too right I would....

    It saved my life last year and I wouldn't be here to annoy everyone if I hadn't taken it.

  • gitasatsangha

    If it was a minor, yes. If it was an adult absolutely not. WTF is this idea that you can force government down a person's throat to the point they can't even decide what to do with their own body? If they are adult, they take their risks and their chances. Everybody dies sometime.

  • Pleasuredome

    i wouldn't as it would violate there freedom of choice imo.

  • onacruse

    Nope. Long before I was DFd my folks asked me to be their "medical representative." They've asked me if I would now respect their wishes, and I said "Of course, it's totally your choice."

    We all pays our dime and takes our chances.


  • sandy

    If they are adults then I probably would not. I cannot say for sure, a decision like that would be incredibly hard to make

  • aojumper

    I have a younger brother that I take on trips sometimes, I have a medical card for him with me, on which my mom writes "No Blood". If ever he were in an accident, I would make sure he got blood if it would save his life. He is only 13, a young 13, and has not had the chance to make up his own mind. So I would make sure that if it would save his life, I'd fight for it.


  • rocketman

    I'd respect their wishes, hard as that might be. Well, I think I would. I have some non-jw relatives too, and if I were the "swing" vote in some type of family decision, I could go the other way.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Does that mean that if they were to OD because of say depression for example, you wouldn't get them to a hospital?

    Or standing on a ledge, you wouldn't try and talk them down, or get underneath with a blanket?

    Like the question you ask your kids - if all your friends were to jump in the lake would you follow them?

    Anyone who does/believes what the WT tells them, IMO, is making decisions based on this coerced reasoning and should be protected.

    I for one would not want the guilt of their legal suicide on my hands. Thats why I better not be on any JWs "next of kin" calling list, which I'm sure I'm not anyway.


  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    No. That is their choice and I would respect it, just as I would hope they would respect my decision to take blood.


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