What is your happy or comforting memory from your childhood?

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    Staying with my non-JW Grandparents.

    Away from my.

    Bat Shit Crazy

    JW Parents.

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  • millie210

    Mine is similar..

    I had a wonderful Grandfather and a fussy but good hearted Grandmother who took me away for a few weeks of wonderfulness every summer.

    No meetings, no praying, no list of what was wrong and that I shouldnt do...

    My grandmother worked afternoon shift as a nurse at the hospital, leaving my grandfather to entertain me. He liked to spend his afternoons fishing in the ocean with those long lines you cast from the beach.

    I would wander wherever my heart lead me, collecting shells and meeting other children, always ending up at the boardwalk for a snow cone my grandfather and given me a coin for.

    I remember feeling freedom then in the sun and the salty tang of the air.

    Back at home, my mom talked a lot about a paradise but my grandparents actually provided it.

  • MissFit

    Milli: that was lovely- your own paradise.

    Outlaw :Im glad you had something to fall back on. A small slice of comfort.

    I cant think of many happy memories in my Fosters house. Just the feelings of fear and unworthiness, of pain and guilt, of being un lovable and never good enough.

    Then i would go back to the house on the hill in my mind and picture the porch swing and hear the silly songs. I would see the hardwood floors my mom would cover with soapy water while we slide on towels across it. I think the memory of my mom was more comfort than the real thing.

    The foster house was filled with echos of pain and tears it's kitchen filled with forced labor and threats of punishment for shoddy work.

    Thank you for sharing some of your happy moments or places.

    If you have sad ones you can share them too.

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