Ongoing Changes Happening - Even While Some Do Not Realize How Significant

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  • JWTom

    I posted this item a few weeks ago (link below) with a compilation of items that could happen as the organization unravels - even though many (including myself) may find it unlikely, improbable or simply too much of a change to believe.

    As an active PIMO though, I came up with the list in the above post simply from the standpoint that very significant changes have been occurring on an ongoing basis and sometimes I think even very active witnesses do not realize it. A few major items that have been ongoing or were singular events listed below. I have seen so many downsizing changes since the 1970s when I was a young boy that it seems unrealistic to not embrace other coming massive changes that have been accelerated by Covid.

    These are basically structural changes in the org....doctrinal changes would be another lengthy list that is brought here many times as well.

    1. Elimination of District Overseers

    2. Layoffs at Bethel (we left bethel around the time these were starting in the late 1990s - thankfully, we left on our own)

    3. Awake magazine is no this true?

    4. Consolidation of Congregations and sale of Kingdom Halls - In our area, we saw the sale of five Kingdom Halls starting around the year 2000 and continuing up until now (likely more, these were just the ones we knew of). Also, many of these were simply Kingdom Halls that were eliminated - no new hall built.

    5. Reduction in the length of assemblies/conventions. Slowly becoming fewer and fewer days compared with assemblies in 1970s timeframe.

    6. Elimination of Watchtower magazine content. I am guessing most active JWs do not even realize that the public Watchtower magazine has been reduced to just a handful of pages for the whole calendar year (mentioned on another post).

    7. Elimination of the Book Study.

  • truth_b_known

    8. Elimination of the Theocratic Ministry School

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