The Bible or God? - A Message to Formerbrother

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  • Zana


    1. You proved my point.

    Happy to oblige.

    And thanks for this info (which I didn't really know about):

    If God inspired the Church to canonize the Bible, obviously the Church was doing God's will (but JWs claim it was under Satan by this time). Unlike the Governing Body, the Catholic Church claims it canonized the Scriptures by inspiration of God,

    One thing though:

    If the Catholic Church had authority and inspiration then, it would not mean they must have it today, too. A lot of time has passed since the canonization, maybe they fell out of favor with God.

    Now back to your original idea of this thread:

    For Jehovah’s Witnesses that ultimate source of revelation is the Bible. All that one should do to serve God, the basis for one’s belief, the source of all truth is, for Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Bible. I assume this is what you still believe, am I correct?

    Formerbrother never answered your question. Maybe you are wrong, and he doesn't believe that. I am not a JW, but I think most of the JW I know wouldn't consider the Bible the ultimate source of revelation. Just a source. God comes first. So there is no paradox.

  • Ruby456

    Zana - if you ask jehovahs witnesses what they picture when they pray most would say they picture the sky, or the stars, or bright shining light - so to me this means the creation/nature and this to me is suggestive of deism bordering on what other members of creation/nature would picture, when they are enjoying a quiet moment of contentment, if we could ask them. The authority here imo is nature

  • Vidiot

    Happy Hanukka, Dave.

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