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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    A few of the metrics over the past 5 years:

  • konceptual99

    Here are some more....

  • konceptual99

    This is for the UK

  • konceptual99
    erm... I mean "Britain" with the WT borders....
  • stuckinarut2

    So baptisms have gone down?

    Well that's got to tell anyone with a brain something is not going well in witness-world!?!?

  • nelim
    stuckinarut, baptisms alone have been fluctuating already, from 2001-2006 baptisms were barely above 250,000.
  • konceptual99

    The peak for baptisms was 375,923 in 1997.

    They brought in over 300,000 9/10 years in the 1990s.

    The numbers will fluctuate, it's the ratios that I find most interesting. This really illustrates the effectiveness of the preaching work and what an utter waste of time it is. If there was some regional analysis done I think it would show up even more trends regarding growth and contraction in Africa/South America versus the old school Western world WTS enclaves.

  • cookiemaster
    Yes, and lets not forget that many of these publishers might not really be genuine publishers. For example, I'm one of them. I haven't been in field circus since 2013, but my father keeps reporting fake hours for me every month. He hasn't been to the field in years also, but he also keeps reporting fake hours for himself. My mother is disassociated due to the blood issue.

    So, in our congregation, at least two "publishers" don't actually "publish" shit but merely pretend two. I'm betting there are more. Fifteen years ago, our congregation had around 60 individuals. Now it barely has over 30 and many of those are pioneers sent here by the branch. If your remove those, as they eventually all leave, there are barely over 20 JWs in the area, some of which, like myself or my father, only pretend to be active.

    Among children I grew up with, one was an unbaptized publisher but lost this "privilege" for having a worldly girlfriend. Another was baptized but hasn't been to the hall in 2 years, has long hair and a beard. A girl got herself a rocker boyfriend. Her father was just disfellowshipped. I'm widely seen as an apostate in the congregation. Especially to the elders, to whom I'm the no.1 suspect of apostasy at all times (but they've been unable to catch me so far). And this is the only congregation in a 40 mile radius. Yup, things are going great in the borg.
  • OneEyedJoe
    Cookiemaster makes a good point - there's been a marginal increase in publishers, but a decline in hours. This could indicate that the flock is getting less invested as a whole which would likely mean that there's been a corresponding increase in those that are fading and reporting fake time. Perhaps if JWs were free to report reality without repercussions we would already be seeing a decline in the cult. That's before accounting for the many JWs that are currently still recruiting but would stop if they were free to do so.
  • Gayle

    55% of "lands" have their 'population' increase faster than JW publishers, according to 2016 Yearbook Service Report.

    (This does not include the "30 Other Lands," nor their new listing of Bhutan, with 3 pubs.)

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