If WT are cutting back on mags will they also cut back on Bethelites?

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  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    There definitely could be a huge cutback for bethelites especially for those in the art department and maybe even the writing committee. Apparently the information is going to be recycled after a couple of years and just be updated after they’ve been released already. But really there isn’t a need anymore for an art department

  • freddo

    They don't need branches for printing anymore but what about control and dollar collection and retention?

    By having HQ in USA and bigger branches in Canada, UK and Germany they can move money around in stable currencies and themselves around in familiar surroundings if the heat is on and use some legal representation too.

    South Africa, Mexico, Brazil and Australia can have small offices in out of town nice locations for admin/control (+GB vacation) purposes. If the legal financial heat gets too much in a country then close it down and move the lolly.

    Countries and/or language groups with good revenue (France, Italy, Spain, Japan) can have a couple of offices in one of the bigger branches and someone with the title Branch coordinator for that country.

    A Traveling Overseer with a flat attached to a Kingdom Hall could suffice in many countries as the sole branch representative - with his wife as secretary - assisted by a local flunky or two.

    Oh and somewhere in the Caribbean which is a money haven with a nice climate too!

  • slimboyfat

    Yes. Considering Knorr managed to run the entire WT publishing empire with around 5000 workers, whereas now there are still 19,000 (down from 26,000);I'd say yes, they have a long way to go with the personnel cuts.

    How low can they go? With little or no literature to produce, down below 1000 worldwide, perhaps? Why not?

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