For those of us creationists who don't know anything about evolution

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  • MarkofCane
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  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Same here. Tried to prove to myself evolution is false and JW creation is true.

    Really studying 'Five questions' brochure and looking up sources made me

    1. Despise WBTS for lying to me my whole life
    2. Accept evolution as the fact it is
    3. Question the existence of Jehovah.

    Best way to become an exJW is to really study their literature...

  • TD

    Perhaps you would like to teach us the "first thing about evolution".

    I'm embarrassed to say that I believed in the JW flavor of creationism at one time.

    One of the first cracks in the foundation of that belief is the realization that distinct breeding groups do indeed drift apart to the point where they are no longer fertile and therefore by the biblical definition, are indeed different "kinds."

    If you can accept that the dog, bear and racoon share a common ancestor, then you have accepted a basic building block of evolutionary theory and are well on your way to understanding it.

  • Vidiot

    Anders Anderson - "...Tried to prove to myself evolution is false and JW creation is true...."

    Hoo, that'll sink the eight-ball every time.

    Regardless, just the simple fact alone that creationists feel compelled to resort to the same tactics as sleazy lawyers to discredit their opponents should be a red flag big enough to cover Ken Hamm's "museum".


    Like I keep saying, if you have to cheat to defend your beliefs, your beliefs don't deserve to be defended.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    And for those who feel overwhelmed by researching evolution, research this:

    How long have there been humans on earth?

    Just 6000 years as JW believe?

    Go visit a museum with prehistoric artifacts and look for yourself...

    Then think about the implications for trustworthiness of the biblical creation story...

  • cofty

    Isn't it disappointing that people who pose a challenge like truth doubter did in this OP never come back and say thanks?

    It's almost as if it wasn't a sincere challenge.

  • Landy
    It's almost as if it wasn't a sincere challenge.

    Surely not.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I know that it's a rude awakening to discover TTATT. It's "life-changing".

    When one is first dealing with that, it's just an overload to get broadsided with having to prove/disprove evolution/creation. As JDubs, we thought our belief in creation was grounded in absolute fact. Those supporting evolution were liars and deceivers who were twisting the facts because they had their own "agenda". They were "evil".

    When you put both of those issues together you see where it's going to go -- it's going to take you into the "God Debate". It's all just TOO MUCH to process all at once!!!

    I started down this path of awakening about 5 years ago. First is coming to terms with TTATT -- the fact that we were deceived by our trusted religious leaders (and in turn our parents, friends, etc who were also all deceived) about the CULT. Whatever the 1st lie was that helped to awaken us becomes just the "tip" of the iceberg. One question leads to a dozen other questions, and soon it's like you're witnessing all the dominoes in your life plunking down, one after the other after the other. Everything you built up for years and decades, comes toppling down. At some point you hit OVERLOAD and have to catch your breath.

    Just as we tell Newbies to take baby-steps with their spouse or family, sometimes we fail to follow that advice with the Newbies. I know there are strong feelings on the issue and I think that's because we discovered another lie. Damn all the lying. I started Dawkin's book, but had to set it down for a bit and take a breather. I know in my heart that I'm convinced now about evolution. But I'm not ready to take the next step and challenge my total belief in a High Power/God/Creator. That step will be inevitable, if I live long enough. I really don't think I'll like the conclusion that will become obvious at that time. I have to move at my own pace that is "safe" for me.

    Baby steps.


  • Perry
  • cofty

    Every single word in that video is just plain wrong.

    Just two main points...

    1. Evolution is not "Life from non-life". That is abiogenesis. The progress in that field is very exciting but evolution does not depend on finding an answer to that question. All living things evolved from a common ancestor through evolution over millions of years. This is a fact.

    2. The word "information" in the context of evolution is a metaphor. DNA is just chemicals doing their thing. Having said that, the assertion in the video is still wrong. There are an abundance of examples of new "information" being added to the genome of living things.

    This is just a lie that some creationist made up and now you all keep repeating it to each other without understanding what your point is.

    Research the origin of three and four colour vision for a brilliant example of "new information". I will be covering it later in my series "Evolution is a Fact..."

    Perry do you have a specific question you can frame succinctly in your own words. You have never read a book about evolution in your entire life and you are proud of your wilful ignorance. By the way most christians accept the fact of evolution. It is only a minority of fundies and all Muslims who have a problem with it.

    You are in good company when it comes to your Iron Age ignorance.

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