Self Limiting Beliefs

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  • Vidiot
    abishepherd - "...pursuit of wealth is bad... pursuit of knowledge is bad... the world is against you..."

    I can personally attest just how fucking depressing and exhausting a worldview like that is.

  • Butterfly607

    I was 'born-in' so your words resonate with me. After I went back to school, I began to understand that the doctrines of the JWs discourages the development of personal identity. Especially if a person, like me, is roped in throughout their teenage years. For me, I didn't fully develop emotionally because of not being able to establish a true self after puberty. Not until I got older and moved away from home did I have the opportunity to ask myself "How do I feel about wealth? knowledge? the world?" That was the beginning of a delayed but important identity crisis.

  • peacefulpete
    Everyone's experience is unique. If I were the victim of sexual or other abuse my outlook would be very different I'm sure. But for me and my wife, we had loving home lives and decent friends. We did all that was expected and more as far as the church went so we were heavily vested, however, when we individually each reached the point where we could not defend being a JW we made the transition rather quickly and easily. I can't point to the church as having damaged us or permanently wounding us. We have lost loved ones and realize we wasted a lot of time but when given the opportunity to grow we were able to. Again everyone's experience is different, perhaps the family and other factors have as much bearing on the matter of personal development?
  • waton
    This promoted a lazy and suspicious congregation that frowned on the thinkers

    si: Yes the bible has a few truths:

    The man (or lady) with thinking ability will be hated. of corse,

    how wrong wt is, is so easy to show. and they will shove right back. so,

    maximize your education, your earning power, wt does, money is a defence.

    a bi-shepherd: welcome and yes self-limiting for the person and the doctrine, lasts only with a time limit to the next new light. delighted to have you.

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