Waking your spouse

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  • Leopold theseconed
    Leopold theseconed

    I am woke up for only a few months. This how I have been waking up my wife and it’s working.

    I am being extra loving. Bring her coffee in bed. Flowers, feet rubs. Just being a nice guy😁chocolate. Whatever I can do I will because I love her.

    We have been watching one strange rock with Will smith. Great show that makes you think without preaching to her I mean who likes being preached to lol. I kiss her love her and if she wants to go to the meeting then fine I will not stand her way she needs to find herself she is important to

    I am not worried anymore and that started when I stopped giving power to a bunch of self entered old farts and young up and coming farts they have no leverage on me anymore and that is one of the most freeing feelings for a guy that has been reaching out and kissing men’s asses for the feeling that your pleasing GOD

    so instead of spending my time in hypocritical talk giving and working for the elders I am giving my time to myself and my wife and supportive to the online community of exjw activists especially have a lot of work to do when the tower collapses

  • Giordano

    Sounds like a good plan Leopold.

    Head on confrontations usually result in a disaster.

    Small quiet steps work better then huffing and puffing trying to pull down the walls.

    You only need a key to unlock the door......... then you wait....... it's a secret between both of you. It's discreet and unofficial so she is free to wonder.

  • Ding

    Some people mistakenly assume that whatever it was that woke them up will wake up their spouse as well.

    But everyone is different.

    Go slowly and listen more than you talk.

    Find out what's troubling her about the WT organization and give her a safe place to open up about it.

    Don't try to force things.

  • DesirousOfChange

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    NEVER address JW issues with a confrontational argument. if you want to address something, ONLY ASK QUESTIONS. (Seemingly sincere questions.) Force the other person to do the research and find the answers and convince you that you are wrong. Put the ball in their court.

    If they go to the Elders or a trusted JW and as "those" questions, then THEY will be seen as "questioning Joe Hoover's Organization" and that alone can bring on a eye-opening revelation.

    Good luck!

    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Agreed. Yes. The way to ''perhaps'', and I use that word with cautious optimism. That ''perhaps'' by asking and sharing little questions here and there can plant little seeds of doubt. And also by smothering one's spouse(or loved ones) with all kinds of flattery, kindness and love.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Glad to hear you are taking such approach. Some of us were hit with a ton of bricks upon waking up, which meant we did not think so clearly. We just took the ton of brick and showed it to our loved ones while we pointed the finger at the GB and the org. In my case it was rough but eventually it worked. Is not without injuries but we survived.

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