Jehovah's Witness Books in Guinness Book of World Records

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  • TerryWalstrom

    The Bible (All versions) 1815-19993,880,000,000
    Quotations from the Works of Mao Tse-tung 1966-197800,000,000
    Good News Bible 1976-1995122,000,000
    The Highway Code (United Kingdom) 1931-1996117,000,000
    The Truth that Leads to Eternal Life 1969/1981108,000,000
    New World Translation (In whole or part) 1950s-2000100,000,000
    American Spelling Book 1783 Noah Webster100,000,000
    Automobile Association Handbook 1908-199198,000,000
    Guinness Book of Records 1955-199985,000,000
    The McGuffey Reader 1853-1879 William H McGuffey60,000,000
    A Message to Garcia 1899 Elbert Hubbard50,000,000
    Knowledge that Leads to Everlasting Life 199546,000,000
    The Living Bible45,000,000
    Deutsche Bundespost 1993 (Initial print)42,000,000
    You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth 1982/1989 42,000,000
    World Almanac 1868-1980s40,000,000
    True Peace and Security 198637,000,000
    Your Erroneous Zones 1876 Wayne W Dyer34,000,000
    In His Steps 1896 Rev. C M Sheldon30,000,000
    To Kill A Mockingbird 1960 Harper Lee30,000,000
    Gone With the Wind 1936 Margaret Mitchell30,000,000
    Valley of the Dolls 1966 Jacqueline Susann29,000,000
    The Diary of Anne Frank25,000,000
    The Commonsense Book of Baby and Child Care 1946
    Benjamin Spock
    Let God be True 1946/195219,000,000
    The Late Great Planet Earth 1970 H Lindsey18,000,000
    American Red Cross First Aid Book16,000,000
    Is the Bible Really the Word of God? 196915,000,000
    Roots 1976 A Haley12,500,000
    From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained 195812,000,000
    Sophie’s World 1996 J Gaardner & P Moller12,000,000
    Life – How Did It Get Here? 198511,000,000
    The Bermuda Triangle 1975 Charles Berlitz10,000,000
    What’s the World Coming To? D E Stanton10,000,000
    Things In Which It Is Impossible For God To Lie 196510,000,000
    Member’s Handbook, Auto. Assoc. 1990-91 (Initial print)6,000,000
    Worldwide Security Under the Prince of Peace 1986 6,000,000
    Divine Plan of the Ages 1886
  • slimboyfat

    I don't know how accurate this list is. It doesn't mention the New International Version, for example, which I think is the most common Bible after the King James. More common than the Good News Bible which is listed. Plus the list is obviously dated as it shows only 100 million copies of the NWT, whereas the latest figure is over 200 million. No mention of Lord of the Rings or Catcher in the Rye either, which should be near the top of any such list.

  • darkspilver

    That's a weird list, which appears have been posted by an anti-JW website (if you follow the links on the page)

    Wonder why you posted the link here?, which also appears to date from 2001?

    I suspect the list has been made up in order to try to get active JWs to visit it.

    Anyway, here's the list from Wikipedia:

  • WhatshallIcallmyself

    Also, it's worth bearing in mind that most of those on that list have been produced due to a real world commercial demand.

    In contrast, the WT crowd simply mass produced their publications and distributed them to all the KHs where they stayed until they could fob them off onto an interested party.

  • Fred Franztone
    Fred Franztone

    The JWs don't appear on any record-breaking list as far as I'm aware

  • TerryWalstrom

    The use of the word "Popular" is aberrant, IMHO.
    Every JW in the world is required to own publications published by headquarters.
    Ah, but those were the good old bad old days when WT was a publisher.
    Now, I'd modify that word. It is more a purveyor.

    How may "Popular" books are out of print, discarded, expunged and considered improper the same way JW books become--it must be said--because the contents are embarrassing to those claiming "truth" as the boilerplate of their mission?

    This obsolescence is not planned!
    It is intrinsic due to the nature of its origin: imaginary communication to an invisible being.

  • scratchme1010

    It doesn't look like a reliable source of information, nor does it say anything about the Guinness Book of World Records. Also, the Guinness Book of World Records does not have a category for "Most Popular Book". They have a lot of categories that describe different people an ways of publishing and printing books (i.e., "Most published works by one" author and "Thickest book published").

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I find it funny that, although the blue Truth book was ubiquitous at one time, it’s hard to even find one now. There should be a list of books ‘most copies thrown in the garbage’.

  • ttdtt

    Remember the other lists are books sold, not books given away and later tossed in the garbage, or given for a small donation.

  • NewYork44M

    printing vs circulation is two totally different concepts. The Wt is known to do "channel stuffing."

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