The Millenium is Not Going to Be Fun - According to FDS/G.B.

by The Searcher 12 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Listener

    I seem to recall that the JWs excuse for this is that the bad guys will be resurrected very late in the 1000 year reign and will have very little time to cause any real problems or affect the paradise conditions.

  • zeb

    I'm sorry I was distracted by the slender Asian girl models in bikinis on my page .what were the wt on about?

  • Nevuela

    Why aren't they telling them the whole "truth"? Why aren't J.W.'s told at their Regional Conventions that "vile things" are going to be practiced by people in paradise?

    What "vile things" are you talking about, The Searcher? I don't recall ever reading anything in the Bible that is considered vile or sinful that will suddenly be perfectly acceptable in the new system.

    BTW how do I quote someone properly here? Clicking on the quote icon does absolutely nothing.

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