The Biggest Mistake The GB Have Made In The Last 10 Years

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  • Londo111

    The green Your Will Be Done was my favorite too. I made verse by verse notes on the whole King of the North/South interpretation. I loved reading about the 1260, 1290, and 1335 days. I wish I'd verified this stuff rather than reading it uncritically and being in awe.

    As a JW, I felt it important to know the "deep things" and didn't understand my fellow JWs who just felt it was "over their head" and "glad the brothers figured it out". I gladly the regurgitated nonsense in comments at the meetings.

    Of course, I knew old-school pioneers who knew this nonsense better than me and would debate non-JWs at the door about it. There is likely not a cart-tending pioneer today who could even compare. The Watchtower has given them the "We do not debate" duck and run defense.

  • nicolaou
    Some KHs do stream the broadcast if they have the capability.

    Okay, so it's not scheduled as part of the CLAM? Shame.


    The Biggest Mistake The GB Have Made In The Last 10 Years..

    Creating the WBT$ Evangelical TV Show..

    Now no one has to guess..

    How Stupid The WBT$ GB "Rock Star" Popes Are..


    Image result for broadcasting

    ........................................................................JW Kids!.....Jehovah Needs..

    .......*OMG!!..That Wasn`t a Fart!!*.................. Your Ice Cream Money!..

    Image result for broadcasting  stepen lett.Image result for broadcasting mark sanderson

  • Wait For It
    Wait For It

    @nicolaou, no, but they do include some of the shorter videos from the broadcast in the CLAM meetings only because it's in the script for the week. Sometimes they are from older broadcasts though.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Old sayings: Distance lends enchantment.

    Familiarity breeds contempt.


    The GB are victims of religiousity. Jwism, as it is, has only existed since Rutherfraud's coup. When Boozerford took over, he drove away anyone who saw through his BS. Who was left? Sycophantic followers who looked to O'l Boozey for all the answers.... All those who stayed were the "true followers", unlike the Bible Students and their ilk.

    The GB are just another generation of Organization worshippers, defending their world, the only world they can function in. Survival is the name of the game, for all of us. Whether they realize it or not, the GB are fighting to justify their employment in the ORG, which is now a Corporation; a living entity that won't easily die.

    As time passed, the GB had no choice when it came to making adjustments in doctrine. As mentioned by others, the passing of time was steadily proving that they possessed ZERO special knowledge.

    I had my doubts, but the 1995 Generation change is what really started my research, along with experiencing injustices of many kinds. I realized that the GB/ORG had no choice except to rebrand or die. That's why they stepped into the spotlight, they didn't have a choice. They could not remain nameless, humble scholars, ( ahem.....) of whom 95% of Dubs had virtually zero knowledge. That's like 95% of McDonalds customers having no clue who Ronald McDonald is.

    For every action there is a reaction, or consequence. The GB are now in the spotlight, which the rebranding process required. As a consequence, they are now being exposed as morons, or lovable goof-balls to the uber-hypnotized, ignorant Dubs.

    These uber-dubs are all that matter. They give their life-energy and money to MOTHER. You could half the number of dubs tomorrow, and those J-dumbs could support the GB for the rest of their lives. This is espescially true when you consider the option to go completely paperless. Heck! You don't even need a songbook at my KH!! They have the words up on the screen!! All the sheeple stare at the screen, mesmerized, glassy-eyed....


  • Wait For It
    Wait For It

    @Datadog, ugh the song's words on the screen. I wonder when they'll include the Bible verses on the screen. They might as well, everything is already scripted.

  • pale.emperor

    Remember the young brother that played the evil King in the last drama? I see him being a main contender for GB-ship. Seen him give a talk about "how we should oust any wrong thoughts" that was leaked online and he was a 10/10 cult leader.

    Oh, those "wrong thoughts" we're "any doubts you have" by the way.

  • Stealth
    I think the single biggest mistake the Governing Body have made in the last 10 years has to be creating JW Broadcasting and putting their GB members on there...

    shhh, let's keep it our secret!

    Since most of their followers are major sycophants, then I guess the GB will never know.

  • sir82

    Seen him give a talk about "how we should oust any wrong thoughts" that was leaked online and he was a 10/10 cult leader.

    Do you have a link? Sounds disturbingly intriguing.

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