Why are the GB and JWs scared of "apostates" and "research"? Romans 8: 35-39

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  • Finkelstein

    Men who come into power and money usually strive to hold onto that power and money for their own sake and means.

    The WTS has had a long history of ignorance, self speculating hype, fear mongering, lies and corruption all intentionally fostered to sustain the organization's on going proliferation of literature .

    They told people outright that being one of them and faithfully adhere to the leaders instructions would bring appeasement to Jehovah and result in a reward of everlasting life.

    Well the bible says something else regarding false Prophets and this false prophet identity has never come closer to attention in the WTS's history, the WTS really over commercialized the Gospel.

  • Magnum

    I always wondered about that, even back in the 80's when JWdom seemed bold, confident, and strong. I remember a Watchtower article (late 80's) that instructed JWs to immediately throw in the trash any information they might receive in the mail that was against JWdom.

    I always wondered what it was that we were supposed to be so scared of and why we should be so scared if we had the truth and had the most powerful being in the universe backing us up.

    Now, I know. I now know that back then their doctrines were being soundly questioned/challenged by such individuals as R Franz and Carl Olof Jonsson. JWdom began to realize more and more that its doctrines were not solid and couldn't be defended. It became more and more scared of apostates and material outside its own publications.

    And, now, today, it has far more reason to be scared. As Hanged Man said, the gig is up. As steve2 said, JWs are ill-equipped to defend their faith. In fact, it can't be defended.

    Other than their basic doctrines (Trinity, hellfire, condition of dead, future of earth, etc.), I don't even know what their beliefs are anymore. They seem to have abandoned all the deeper stuff - the Franz "deeper" publications, the Revelation Climax book, etc.

    The org knows it can't defend its beliefs and that there is ample evidence of its crazy history, deception, faulty doctrine, etc., so it resorts to instilling in its members the belief that outside material and opponents are from the devil and will corrupt their minds. It's a cult, and it uses cult tactics.

    JWdom can never again be bold and challenging. It is running with its tail between its legs. It uses argumentum ad hominem (denigrating any who challenge it without even addressing their arguments). It shoots the messenger so it won't have to address his message, of which it is terrified.

  • Finkelstein

    ..... but they're still willing to defend the WTS for reasons which they are well aware to themselves $$$

  • stuckinarut2

    Wow! Brilliant comments!

  • Phizzy

    We had an Elder tell us the other day that they are now encouraged to use the Bible more, and to do research, "especially in the last ten years". He knows I left a decade ago.

    You and I know how they use the Bible i.e cherry pick scriptures, out of context, and misinterpret them. Ignore the rest of the Bible.

    And "research" is only within their own literatrash, with maybe a glance at Wiki by a few JW's.

    But they really think they have progressed, which, like most of what they believe, is the opposite of the truth.

  • nowwhat?

    As my uber dub brother once said, "I don't have time to read the bible!"

  • ToesUp

    GB....follow the money.

    The rank and file are afraid of anything anti WT. Most are so detached from the "real world", it is hard to function and they become misfits. Our family has NO "worldly experience." No 8-5 job dealing with others that are non JW's. They are comfortable with WT telling them how to think and what to think. It's just easier for them. They are scared of their own shadows and anything "worldly" is petrifying. Sad but true!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I don't even know what their [JWs] beliefs are anymore.

    Neither do they! Just ask them. They'll run for cover!

  • Vidiot
    "Why are the GB and JWs scared of 'apostates' and 'research'?"

    JWs are scared, 'cause deep down, they're afraid the WT might be wrong.

    The GB is scared 'cause deep down, they know it is.

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