JW's are slaves- but not in a good way

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  • _Morpheus

    Omg pm me a link!!! I cant find it

  • Giordano

    Most of those rules can also be applied to born-ins when raised in the truth by uber JW's:

    How to raise your Child in the Truth!

    1. Maintain strict discipline and unconditional submission.
    2. Create a sense of personal inferiority, so that slaves children "know their place."
    3. Instill fear. Armageddon is coming! We will shun you if you disobey.
    4. Teach servants to take an interest in their master's enterprise. Help clean the Kingdom Hall, carry moma's book bag etc. Shut up at meetings and don't fidget.
    5. Deprive access to higher education and recreation, to ensure that slaves your child remains badly educated and helpless to find their way in the world and when grown still dependent on their parents, the WTBTS and the GB.
  • Vidiot
    jwundubbed - "...It is called a consent based relationship. People willingly go into a contract fully informed, having negotiated terms and consenting to follow certain roles/rules..."

    Pretty sure that's called "employment".

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo
    stuckinarut2 a day ago

    What makes it even worse, is that JWs have been conditioned to actually think it is a GOOD thing to be a "slave" to the "truth"!

    Exactly the point I was trying to make.

    4. 'Teach servants to take interest in their master's enterprise.'

    I find this comment pretty disturbing. It has connotations of a lowly slave, whose only pleasure in life is making his master happy. It is a fitting comparison to the way the average Dub is treated. Jw's are pretty much conditioned to accept that making their 'masters' happy (witnessing, meetings) is the ONLY way they can achieve true happiness.

  • jwundubbed
    read it again.... and again.... see the contradiction? Its not found among white people... but it is found among the indentured servants of england and america? Those are white people. In your rush to idenitfy the white man as the root of all evil you made directly contradicting statements. - _Morpheus

    Um... I didn't say that good slavery isn't among white people. I said you don't find good forms of slavery among the traffickers of white slavery. White slavery is sometimes perpetrated by white people and sometimes by people of other races. Human trafficking of any race doesn't contain consensual contracts between people. Indentured servitude existed among white people and other races as well. It was sometimes consensual and sometimes it was good, sometimes it was bad.

    I actually didn't identify anyone as the root of all evil. I didn't talk about evil at all. I talked about consensual slavery. And consensual slavery in the United States today, in consent based relationships with power differentials and ownership between partners is actually predominantly among white people. There are some people of other races but it is predominantly a white demographic. It also, is not evil, because it is consensual.

    History can be full and at the same time have rarity. It's called time. Humans have been recording history for how long now? You can have rare examples from specific eras, or among specific races but when you add up all the examples they have a fullness to them. I understand that the complexity of humanity isn't always black and white and it is easier if you can't have it both ways, but sometimes you can have it both ways and still be telling the truth. Rarity and fullness are not mutually exclusive terms. Both words can actually be used in different ways, and then context is important. Time and recorded history is a very broad context that allows for two seemingly opposite words to actually function at the same time and do not equal each other out.

    I also understand that it is more comfortable for people to believe that a topic like slavery is only 'one way'. That it was bad and there are no shades of grey only shades of black and white. But that isn't true. People have been enslaving other people since the beginning of time. You find it among the Vikings, among the American Indians, among the Druids, among the Aztecs, etc. on and on. You find it among people of the same races, among people of the same classes/castes, and among people of the same religions.

    It is fine for you to have your belief about what slavery is and isn't but based both on my unique experiences and education, slavery isn't always bad. I'm allowed to have my belief and to say it openly too.

    Who polishes poo? Seriously? Read a book. Try reading a book that does more than just confirm your own bias.

  • jwundubbed
    Pretty sure that's called "employment".- Vidiot

    No. There are people who engage in consent based relationships where they negotiate and contract the relationship. Think along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey only not ridiculously stupid. Marriage used to be a form of slavery and was contract based. It was a contract between men and women had no choice. Today no one thinks of marriage as being a contract, but it is. And while it isn't put on paper in legal form, vows are the negotiation and the rings are signs of the contract. You even have to have a license (in the US) if you want to get married.

    Today, marriage is consensual for the women as well as the men. And today, people can actually go into slavery consensually. I'm not saying this is right or wrong. I'm not saying whether it is weird or not. What I am saying is that if you want examples of slavery that is good, or slavery that isn't 'always' bad, you read a book or do a tiny bit of web research. It isn't hard to find both in past history and currently.

  • Ruby456

    Joey jo jo you are quite right and documentary evidence supports your perspective.

  • Ruby456

    oh and jnwundubbed thanks for bringing some space around the issues of slavery - sorry I'm only just reading your posts.

  • Della Street
    Della Street
    My understanding of indentured servants was that they were working off debt. Once the debt was paid, they were free to leave. Some chose to stay and continue in their position as they would any other job.

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