Getting your WT files deleted (UK)

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  • slimboyfat

    Question: would it be possible to get your files removed and deleted WITHOUT this being treated as a statement of disassociation? (With announcement and subsequent shunning)

    I get the feeling some elders would say to inactive JWs who want their records removed: sure we will remove your records, and of course we will announce you're no longer a JW at the same time. As a kind of threat or retaliation for causing them trouble or making a fuss.

    Would be fine for DFed and DAed people who don't care to to go back.

  • LongHairGal


    I don't know about the U.K., but in the USA I don't know that I would ever trust an organization to delete my information. How do you know how many places they put it and how efficient they are in supposedly removing it?

    The only way I would believe it was done right or done at all was if I had a professional hacker who knows about the organization do it with me looking over their shoulder. That's not gonna happen. I know a lot of people are hung up about being done with the Witnesses and wish for their info to be deleted. I don't know if you have any real proof it's ever done or if it's just buried deeper somewhere.

  • Phizzy

    A friend of mine was DF'd for Apostasy, which he did not care about, but using the relevant Act of Parliament he demanded all information they held on him be returned to him, and deleted from their files.

    They sent back all the innocuous stuff, including the report they had from his time at M S School, but did not return to him any information on his J.C, or a copy of the Form they had sent to H.Q after DFing him.

    He just laughed and said "So much for them obeying " Caesar's Law" ". He did not pursue matters further, as it would have involved taking on the H.Q and its in-house Lawyers.

  • Da.Furious

    @phizzy this is interesting.

    Could it be the congregation is under the Act? Since such information is stored in the congregation confidential file.

    I have raised the issue of how data is stored in congregation and what measures are taken to protect my data. Still waiting for answers.

    As for US HQ, i think they will be in big trouble if they do not get their GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for every EU national done properly.

    link to information if interested related to charities:

  • Phizzy

    Hi Da. Furious,

    I suggested to him that he should pursue the Congregation again, as they must have a record of his J.C, he said he broached this with one of the Elders and they said all that came under the Britain H.Q now and he would have to take it up with them.

    He and I know this is Bullshit, we know of the Congregation File with sealed and signed letters, but really he simply wishes to leave it all behind, and get on with a real life. He is a talented musician and JW stuff is now in the past. Good for him !

  • AverageJoe1

    I can imagine that you would know for sure if you turned up at a new congregation, said you're a witness and just give them your name and baptism date.

    Then if they came back to you saying, "hey you're disfellowshipped" (make sure that you're recording the conversation), you could then ask how they came up with that ridiculous idea. They would have to say that the branch informed them; at which point you've got the branch in breach of the data protection act!

  • Drearyweather
    They would have to say that the branch informed them

    When you move congregations, your new cong gets your personal data from your previous congs' elders, not the branch, through a letter of introduction.

  • AverageJoe1

    Yes Drearyweather but I'm referring to a person who has been disfellowshipped who turns up at a congregation and just gives them the basic details (without mentioning their former congregation).

  • Drearyweather

    AverageJoe1, In such cases, a person who does not tell his former congregation's name or tries to falsify his identity, puts himself in a sticky position. No one would appreciate a fraud in their congregation.

    There are many who get disfellowshipped for Child Abuse, rape, money swindling and other heinous wrongdoings. Would you appreciate if such ones move to other congregations and try to hide their identity in the guise of the Data Protection Act? Should the WT simply delete all such information about such people?

    WT did not have child abuse protection policies in place. However, many convictions have happened lately because of such information held by the branch and the local elders.

  • Splash
    AverageJoe1 you would know for sure if you turned up at a new congregation, said you're a witness and just give them your name and baptism date.

    I agree.

    If you've requested your files be deleted and they come back with information about you, they have proven they did not delete the files as mandated by law.

    Same as if they come shepherding you after you've requested to be removed from their files. They should not act on personal information (like your address) that they should no longer know.

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