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  • Rejected1

    Anyone know where I can download the following files?



    I find it handy to have this format on my phone when debating.


  • smiddy3

    Welcome to the board Rejected1 ,I`m sorry I cant help you with what you request ,though I`m sure someone will before very long .

    Stick around and share your experiences without identifying yourself if you like.

    Take care.

  • fastJehu

    @ Rejected1

    Welcome on board. Here the files as .ZIP:

    WTPub-EN-Full-2013.pdb --> https://transferxl.com/08vR1Prv2fpzwZ

    WTPub-EN-DX-2013.pdb --> https://transferxl.com/08bCzYqXXhcgM

  • nicolaou

    What are these files? Small word, big picture explanations appreciated. Thanks.

  • fastJehu

    Once upon a time, a long time ago...

    ... there was no online library on the internet only the library CD for PCs.

    Then the Wachtower fairy came out of the bethel computer department and said: "You have a wish."

    So the bethelites wished to have the library CD available on their apple devices.

    And so the bethel computer department created the above linked (and other) files year after year, which enabled the library CD contents on an apple device with the commercial APP iSilo.

    First the APP iSilo had to be installed on the Apple device, then the files had to be stored in iSilo. MAGIC.

    And since Jehovah can't stand magic, fairies and wizards, the bethel computer department was given other tasks after 2013 and there were no more iSilo library files.

    And if they haven't been erased, they're still alive today.

  • nicolaou

    And the light shone and understanding dawned on the small and dimwitted Nico.

    He gave thanks to the wise Jehu who had deigned to educate such an ignorant but kind hearted little imp.

  • fastJehu

    It seems to me that the big picture you asked for worked.

  • Rejected1
  • average joe
    average joe

    links have expired can you repost links please?

  • fastJehu

    @ average joe

    WTPub-EN-Full-2013.pdb --> https://transferxl.com/08jmT9c3GVkJw7

    WTPub-EN-DX-2013.pdb --> https://transferxl.com/081ZxqhTWQf6x

    The shown E-Mail on transferxl is fake

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