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  • dothemath

    Not sure if this is being done in other countries, but here in Canada they've just announced the need for holiday trailers for ldc volunteers to use.

    They're hoping people will donate these evidently. Not some run-down thing, it's got to be a fairly recent model and also a fifth-wheel.

    I guess this is where the more materialistic witnesses will have to step up!

  • punkofnice

    I've been away from the cult for 9 years. What does ldc stand for?

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Lying, Deceiving, Charlatans!

    aka Local Design Committee (I think)

  • blondie

    I hope if they (US citizens) just let the these 5th wheelers rather than donate, that they get them back in good condition; I would never loan one out to the WTS. I wonder if donating gives them much of a tax break with the current tax laws regarding deductions in the US? I don't know what the tax laws are in Canada for such a donation.

    I have found that the jws I know that donate large sums or equipment are just as motivated by the tax break as helping god's organization.

  • Giordano

    I found it amazing that the WTBTS has been warning followers away from higher education then sends out a letter to the faithful for collage grads who can preform services that are needed.

    Why in the world does the Society always need unpaid experienced volunteers to perform the kind of services it needs but never offers any meaningful paid employment?

    Back in the day...... late 1950's early 1960's Bethelites were paid $14 a month for a five and a half day week in the factory. Not $14 per week but $14 per month.

    The Society is totally detached from reality. They are like that relative that can't find a job but still wants to live with you and sleep in.

  • rockemsockem

    You would get a tax break for the value of either the unit if given or the time rented if loaned. It would only do for someone according to what their income is. To someone making 150k a year not much, but if you make 35k a year it could help out. Or if you are retired and sold off some stock that is not tax exempt it could defer that.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    In fairness lots of camper parks will not let in older things (white trash syndrome) but the things will be used up

  • dubstepped

    Donating anything only saves you your tax basis on it. If you donate something worth $10,000 and you're in a 25% tax bracket you don't owe $10,000 off your final tax bill but just $2500. Doing things just for tax write offs is a poor exchange.

    Watchtower is just trying to protect those filthy well off dubs from themselves by taking the distraction of glamping away from those with the means to do so. It's to their spiritual benefit to lose their nice campers for a bit. I bet they'll have time to pioneer this summer.

  • LV101

    Does the cult ever pay for anything aside from high rise digs, renown designers for their personal living flair and Zegna ties/suits or probably have custom-made to fit their weight-problem issues. You can't BE-lieve how they use the followers who were part of "higher education" and anyone else they have a shot at.

  • loneranger

    The announcement to allow RV's to be available to LDC workers was made in the USA several months ago. It's all one way with these people...try calling WT to get an RV to live on somewhere because you house burned down or something...individual JW's may help...but the org...fagetaboutit...don't waste your time...

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